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Alan Scafuri on August 19th, 2015
Brought to you by:
Varsity field hockey: Chelsea 5, Sacred Heart 0
Varsity soccer: Chelsea 8, Lincoln 0
Boys tennis: SEC champs
Varsity football: Chelsea 37, Adrian 0
Boys X-C: wins Chelsea Invitational
Freshman football: Chelsea 50, Adrian 14
JV football: Chelsea 41, Adrian 14
Lisa Allmendinger on October 6th, 2015
Courtesy photo. Katie Rae Hayduk. a freshman in Chelsea High School.

Courtesy photo. Katie Rae Hayduk. a freshman in Chelsea High School.

By Katie Rae Hayduk

My first thought when I entered high school was, this is big.

My second thought was, this is very big.

As a freshman, I feel small compared to the upperclassmen who rule the school.

I’m a fly navigating the hallways between classes – tiny and unimportant.

Honestly, though, high school is much more stressful than middle school was. The classes are 70-minutes long instead of 50-minutes long, so there are only five classes a day unlike seven in the middle school. These longer periods are grueling. After about an hour, it gets difficult to concentrate on the same topic and it’s hard to sit still.

There is more homework every day than in middle school. For my current classes, each night I have to read a selection for English and answer questions, work through at least one lesson’s worth of problems in geometry, and practice speaking cuentos (stories) in Spanish. I also have to practice my violin for symphony as much and as often as possible. Not including music practice, homework takes about two hours or more a day. In physical fitness, if you are absent, you must make up the exercise on your own time (which would be a real challenge if a person was seriously sick or injured).

In high school, everything you do either makes you or breaks you. Starting now, every grade, every tardy, everything goes on your permanent record. This is stressful for me and probably for most of my classmates.

On the first day of school, several problems arose. I was late to my first class of the day, which is symphony orchestra, because the transfer bus to the high school was late. (In fact, the transfer bus was late or barely on time for the first two weeks.) I wasn’t able to get my instrument locker assignment because I was so late. I tried to get it at the end of the day, but was not able to. Adding insult to injury, I missed the bus after school.

My schedule was messed up, too. I met with my counselor an hour before the high school open house to fix the problems. He gave me the new schedule to follow, which I did. But unfortunately, the teachers didn’t know about the changes until the second week of school, so they had to mark me absent from the classes I wasn’t even supposed to be attending. Some days I felt invisible in the right classes since my name wasn’t on their lists.

By the end of the week, the assistant principal found me during lunch to ask why I was absent for part of every day, based on their paperwork. It was mortifying. Finally it was officially fixed, though.

There are good things about high school, too. I discovered that geometry is a lot of fun, and it is my favorite class next to symphony orchestra. Both teachers are so enthusiastic about what they teach; it is easy to love their classes.

After school, I have several hours of rehearsal for “Beauty and the Beast,” which the high school’s drama club is performing in November. I’ve enjoyed acting since I was six years old, so I definitely wanted to participate in theater guild. Learning choreography is hard work, but it’s also fun to work as a team with the other actors – and it’s good exercise, too.

I have also started to practice with Chelsea House Orchestra (CHO), which meets one evening a week. I love fiddle music – it is one of my favorite genres – and I love playing it even more. Practicing with the group was so much fun when I went for the first time last week. The songs are upbeat and have catchy melodies. The older players were very nice and helped me and my freshman friends adjust to the music.

All of the teachers are very nice and understanding from what I’ve seen so far. The administrators seem to really care about my well-being, and have helped me to handle the obstacles that have arisen.

Although I had some kind of problem every day for the first couple of weeks, all in all, I would say that my freshman year of high school is going to be all right.

And I expect it will get better every year, if what my older friends tell me is true.

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Courtesy photo. SRSLY members participate in Project Sticker Shock.

Courtesy photo. SRSLY members participate in Project Sticker Shock.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Ashley Tomasi for the information and photos in this story.)

The Chelsea Friends and Family Wellness Coalition is seeking proposals for projects and programs that will help create a culture of wellness in Chelsea. This year, there is a focus on projects centering on infrastructure and physical activity.

The coalition, one of five that the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation (formally the Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation) has empowered, is made up of community members and organizations that meet monthly to work together to support initiatives that fit into four key elements:

  • Move More
  • Eat Better
  • Connect with Others
  • Avoid unhealthy substances

“The coalition develops yearly plans which incorporate projects and programs to promote wellness in the Chelsea community,” said Coalition Coordinator Ashley Tomasi. “For this year’s funding cycle the coalition would like to incorporate physical activity programs and infrastructure projects, for example bike racks and playgrounds, into their plan.”

Courtesy photo. Camp Gabika cooking class led by senior center volunteers.

Courtesy photo. Camp Gabika cooking class led by senior center volunteers.

Since 2011, the Coalition has granted over $400,000 to help fund 22 programs, such as Camp Gabika, Run for the Rolls, and SRSLY Chelsea.

Projects should focus on one or more of the above elements, should be measurable, demonstrate fiscal responsibility, and have an important impact on Friends and Family Wellness.

The deadline for 2016-2017 cycle is Dec. 1. Proposals will be considered for inclusion in the plan by the Chelsea Plan Team. Final consideration of the plan will be conducted by the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation’s Committee for Strategic Impact and Board of Directors in May of 2016.

The coalition is also seeking community members that would like to serve on the Plan Team, evaluating proposals and making recommendations. This is a three-to-four meeting commitment. Those interested should have an understanding of the coalition’s goals.

For more information about the application process, Plan Team, or to view previous plans go to www.5healthytowns.org or email ashley@5healthytowns.org.

Courtesy photo. Participants line up for this year's Run For the Rolls.

Courtesy photo. Participants line up for this year’s Run For the Rolls.

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Lisa Allmendinger on October 6th, 2015



Lisa Allmendinger on October 6th, 2015
Courtesy photo. The Beach Middle School cross country team painted the rock recently.

Courtesy photo. The Beach Middle School cross country team painted the rock recently.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Loren Thorburn for the information in this story.)

The Beach Middle School cross country team had another terrific showing from both the girls and boys cross-country teams on a cold, wet, windy day.

The girl’s team finished 1st out of 5 teams. Seven girls medaled while 11 out of 14 girls ran a lifetime PR. Those who dropped significant time from previous races included Emily Rosolowski, Natalie Falerios, and Kayla Jones.

The boy’s team finished 2nd out of 8 teams. Four runners medaled while 11 out 16 boys had lifetime PRers. Jaron Innelli, Jack Smith, and Darren Bollinger ran solid races and dropped significant time from their previous races.


Lisa Allmendinger on October 6th, 2015


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Lisa Allmendinger on October 6th, 2015

10-11 College Application

To register for this program or to learn more about other programs at the Chelsea District Library, please click here.


Lisa Allmendinger on October 6th, 2015

Chelsea Police logo 2In this week’s Chelsea Police blotter, there are reports of destruction of property in which a mailbox and flowers were damaged, and two instances of domestic assaults, one resulting in an arrest.

For the full stories, please click here.



Lisa Allmendinger on October 6th, 2015

Bushell-basket-veggiesThe Wednesday Bushel Basket Farmers Market takes place on Oct. 7 at the Palmer parking lot from 2-6 p.m.

Below are a listing of the vendors and what they expect to have for sale on Wednesday.

Kapnick Orchards: baked goods, nut butters, fudge, potatoes, grapes, pears, apples, plums, raspberries, cider.

Golden Fleece Farm: soy-free organic eggs, lamb loin and rib chops, steak, shanks. Beef roasts, soup bones. Beef – ground beef, ground round, boneless ribeye, beef bones, soup bones, beef stew, tenderloin, organ meat.

Golden-Fleece-with-signMarks Farm: Yukon gold and red new potatoes, Swiss chard, zucchini and summer squash, peppers, sweet and hot many varieties, broccoli, green and red cabbage, salad cukes, regular cukes, tomatoes, sweet onions, beets, eggplant, shallots, leeks, radishes, cauliflower.

Stamatopoulos and Sons: 6 types of olive oils including garlic, chipotle, orange, mint basil, Greek herb and lemon, delicate, medium/mild and robust extra virgin Olive Oil, Kalamata black olives with pits, Amphissa Green Olives pitted, popcorn, customized gift baskets, face cream made with olive oil.

Pregitzer Farm Market: herbs, zucchini, bi-color white corn, tomatoes, watermelon, onions, cabbage, eggplant, peppers, melons, Empire apples, green beans. New offerings each week.

Lutchka Angus Farm: heirloom tomatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, okra, tomatillos, cherry tomatoes, assorted hot peppers, assorted winter squash.

Janes’ Place: maple syrup, Jane’s Grains Fantastic, savory and ginger snap granola, Zipz energy bars, Kuki gluten-free breakfast bars.

DeVulder’s Farm: radishes, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, maybe pickling and regular cukes, potatoes, beets, green beans, maybe broccoli, cut herbs, regular tomatoes, green and large onions, cut flowers, green peppers.

nutsJanet’s LLC: cards, jams, U-M, MSU and Detroit Tiger Damn It Dolls, rubs, new herbal butter blend, flavored nuts, pretzels, turtles and other sweets, lemon eucalyptus lotion bug repellent, new dried fruit and nuts.

Family Circle Centennial Farm: chard, maybe kale, herbs, honey, potatoes, cherry and slicing tomatoes, maybe micro greens, maybe arugula, maybe onions, maybe hot peppers, maybe carrots, garlic, maybe green beans, mixed greens, sweet peppers, eggplant, garlic, sweet peppers, sweet potato greens, collards, cabbage. Ask about our gift certificates.

Needle Lane Farm: Swiss chard, honey, kale, tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, basil, cilantro, collards, beets, cucumbers, bulb fennel, carrots, strawberries, baby lettuce, eggplant, potatoes, cut flowers, head lettuce, green onions, kohlrabi, sugar snap peas.

Just Being Momo: all organic herbal oil infusions, bath salts and soaps, medicinal oils, dried herbs, coconut-olive oil soap, weaving and knitted products, dandelion suave for sore muscles, lavender infused oil, chive blossom vinegars, ask about our new products each week.

Bordine Farms: Mums, dahlia flower bouquets in recyclable containers.

Bow-Wow-Tasty-Treats-for-DogsStone Hearth Bakery: Artisan breads made from scratch with no preservatives including apple cinnamon, peach, pecan, bacon cheddar beer bread, German sauerkraut bread, pepperoni and Reuben rolls, cookies and pretzels.

Bow Wow Tasty Dog Treats: 90 flavors of dog treats in three sizes. Special orders. Pup cakes and cinnamon rolls. Non-GMO. Sold by the ounce or jar.

Kapp Farms: baked goods, pretzels, cookies and tomatoes.

Natural Fix Herbal Soap: natural and handmade herbal soaps and herbal dream pillows, recycled bird feeders. Maybe kale chips. Check each week for other body care items and new soap fragrances.


Lisa Allmendinger on October 6th, 2015
Courtesy photo. The Freshman-Sophmore cross country team.

Courtesy photo. The Freshman-Sophomore cross country team.


(Chelsea Update would like to thank Julie Doman for providing me with this information.)


Lisa Allmendinger on October 6th, 2015


To register for this program or to learn about additional programs at the Chelse District Library, please click here.