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The Michigan House today unanimously approved legislation sponsored by state Rep. Mark Ouimet that will help veterans return to work faster when returning to civilian life.

House Bill 5583, introduced by Ouimet, is part of a legislative package that speeds the licensing process in Michigan for veterans, and allows experienced military plumbers to be recognized as plumbers by the state of Michigan.

“Michigan service members were certainly in our thoughts as we honored the Sept. 11 anniversary this week, and it’s fitting that we approve genuine legislation to help them when they return home,” Ouimet, R-Scio Township, said in a press release.

“Veterans who have worked as plumbers in Iraq and Afghanistan have developed valuable skills under the most severe conditions.  They should be recognized as certified plumbers so they can more quickly find work here in Michigan,” he said.

A June 2011 report by the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee showed that the unemployment rate among veterans in Michigan was significantly higher than the national average.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Michigan veterans had the worst rate of unemployment among veterans.

HB 5583 now heads to the Senate for consideration.


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One Response to “A head’s up for returning veterans who were plumbers in the military”

  1. Rod Anderson says:

    That’s great for mortarmen (AKA “plumbers”), but what about everyone else?