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Courtesy photo. Jan Bernath of the Chelsea Area Historical Society and Postmaster John Boehmke stand in front of the mural “Way of Life” inside the Chelsea Post Office with the new plaque that gives some of the painting’s history.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Jan Bernath for the photos in this story.)

You’ve probably noticed the mural “Way of Life” on the wall in the Chelsea Post Office while waiting in line to mail a letter or a package.

Recently, the Chelsea Area Historical Society donated a plaque that was inserted in the notch of the mural with some of the painting’s history.

Painted by George Harold Fisher, the notch was always a part of the mural as it formerly resided above the postmaster’s door in the old post office on Main Street.

See this story I wrote for the Ann Arbor News when the mural was taken down for cleaning, which offers more history about it.


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One Response to “Chelsea Area Historical Society Donates Plaque for WPA mural in Post Office”

  1. John Frank says:

    Very nice, Jan. Thanks for your continued activities regarding Chelsea’s history.
    John Frank