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(Chelsea Update would like to thank Timothy Marshall for the information in this story.)

Bank of Ann Arbor is pleased to announce three initiatives to honor our troops.

Janice Ortbring, vice president and marketing director for Bank of Ann Arbor, (BOAA) will be traveling throughout Europe to visit with local troops. The goal is to not only say ‘Thank You’ to the troops, but also to bring a little bit of home to each of them.

The trip, sponsored by BOAA and hosted by Bubba from W4 Country, will be broadcast live on the W4 (102.9) morning show, as well as having a significant social media presence so that our communities can follow and share with their friends.

“I’m deeply honored, humbled, excited to be traveling with “Bubba” and W4 Country on the 2017 Military Trip,” said Ortbring. “We will be visiting troops and airing interviews live from 6-9 a.m. Nov. 6-10.

Monday, Nov. 6 – Live from Catania, Sicily

Tuesday, Nov. 7 – Live from Vicenza, Italy

Wednesday, Nov. 8 – Live from Zagan, Poland

Thursday, Nov. 9 – Live from Berlin, Germany

Friday, Nov. 10 – Live from Cambridge, England

“I am following in the footsteps of my colleagues, Walt Byers and Tim Gretkierewicz, and can’t wait to share stories, experiences, and messages to listeners of W4 Country and folks on social media” says Ortbring.

You can search for the #MImilitary on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bank of Ann Arbor will also support veterans by participating in the National Campaign: “Greenlight A Vet.” The color green is significant because it represents hope and renewal. Additionally, the term greenlight is often used to show forward movement. The goal of the campaign is to show our veterans that the community supports them. Our Stadium, Saline and Birmingham branches will be illuminated in green lights from Nov. 10 through the early morning of Nov. 12 as a symbol of appreciation and support.

Lastly, Bank of Ann Arbor employees have chosen to share their own military service stories either from personal experience or from a family member.  Employees have provided names, photos, and memories, which we will share, via our social media networks, on Nov. 11.

Each hour, BOAA will showcase a message related to an employee with sincere thanks from the bank.

For more information about the bank visit www.boaa.com / www.unifiedge.com.

Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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