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As 2017 draws to a close, I’d like to take a moment to thank and acknowledge the hard-working employees (and elected and appointed officials) from the City of Chelsea who make this city such a wonderful place.

Below you’ll find the names and departments and titles for all of the men and women who make the City of Chelsea a safe and high quality place to call home.

They answer your questions when you call or email.

They keep your city running from it’s electric to its sewers to its water and garbage collection. Even its streets.

You see some of them driving about in city trucks or cars doing their jobs — without ever expecting a thank you from anyone. (Note to staff: I’m the crazy woman in the silver van, who is wildly waving and smiling at you when I pass by.)

They were specifically hired because they exude small-town values and character and because they have expertise in their fields. Plus, they are cross trained to do each other’s jobs when needed.

These are the folks who are outside in the cold and rain and snow, sometimes in the middle of the night, cleaning up downed trees, plowing your streets, fixing a broken pipe or a downed wire. 

Others are keeping an eye on the streets, your homes and schools and businesses when you are sleeping or are away at work.

They answer the phones when you have an emergency.

Some of these people you’ve elected — to make decisions on your behalf, so that Chelsea continues to be a quaint small town with a big heart and reputation for having lots of great things to do and see.

And in 2017, these people have completed a number of huge projects, dealt with some expected storms and unforeseen complications. And yes, they are paid to do these jobs, but these people add something else, something special to the phrase “a job well done.” They take care and they take pride in what they do.

These folks aren’t normally acknowledged, but I thought it was about time they were. 

And, I wanted all of you to read their names and take a moment to think about all the work these folks do to make your lives easier.

I sure hope that in 2018 when you see them out working on a job or driving a city vehicle that you’ll say thank you or wave and acknowledge that although they are “just doing their jobs,” that you appreciate their hard work on your behalf.  

So from Chelsea Update to all the terrific city employees (and its elected officials and appointed board and committee members), thank you for your efforts. Each and every day.

May 2018 be a year of joy and happiness and good health for all of you.

And I can’t wait to report on all your fine efforts in the New Year.

Copy of Employee Roster



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One Response to “A message to all the City of Chelsea employees”

  1. Crystal Hayduk says:

    Thank you for posting this public acknowledgement that recognizes the effort and dedication of many individuals who work together to make our world a better place.

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