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Are you one of the thousands of folks who enjoys reading Chelsea Update’s daily news content and/or gets the free newsletter every day so you can keep up with the headlines?

Has it helped someone you know or a group in which you are involved?

Have you attended an event because you read about it on Chelsea Update?

Have you been kept informed of local government by reading Chelsea Update?

Did you learn about a business because you read it on Chelsea Update?

Do you enjoy the education coverage, sports photos and stories?

How about the photo galleries from local events?

Do you find it easier to access information because of the new tabs on the site that quickly connect you with key organizations and government information?

Would you like to see even more coverage?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above PLEASE consider making a donation in any amount to Chelsea Update’s continued good work. As I have reminded readers previously, Chelsea Update comes from my heart. I publish it for the Chelsea Community but in deciding to devote myself to this news source, I gave up my full-time job with benefits and placed my trust in the Chelsea Community that you would help sustain this effort. Chelsea Update is my sole source of income; there is no second income to rely on in this household.

I work six, many times seven days a week, to bring you every word that you read. And I love doing this for the community, but as much as I hate to ask for donations, I need readers help to keep going. Chelsea Update’s super loyal advertisers contribute a portion of the expenses involved to publish Chelsea Update, that’s part of the income equation. So if you are a member of a group, consider advertising your group or an event hosted by your group.

Yes, Chelsea Update is a free news source and I want to keep it that way. In addition to the stories that I write or have my two freelancers cover, I publish everything that’s appropriate and sent to me … free of charge. It’s an important component of All the News that’s Fit to Print about Chelsea.

If I didn’t write a story, I edited it. Or I put a headline on it, or photographed it or resized the photos sent to me that you see on Chelsea Update each day.

Every single story that publishes on Chelsea Update has gone through me first. And although this site comes from my love for this community, I have bills to pay, too.

As Chelsea Update heads toward its fifth year serving Chelsea community folks, I’m asking everyone who enjoys reading my daily news publication to donate to its sustained future. Any amount. Every penny helps.

If you would like to support Chelsea Update, there are three ways to do so. Contact me about your business or group taking out an ad. Send a donation through Paypal or better yet, write a check made out to Chelsea Update and send it to Lisa Allmendinger, 18829 Bush Road, Chelsea, MI 48118. And, I must remind you that donations made to Chelsea Update are not tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for any support you choose to make. It is greatly appreciated.

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