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Map of the project from the E.T. Rover website.

Map of the project from the E.T. Rover Pipeline Company website.

E.T. Rover Pipeline Company of Dallas, Texas recently sent letters to numerous Lima Township land owners seeking permission for the company’s surveyors to go on their private property to survey specific parcels for a possible multi-state natural gas pipeline.

Lima Township Supervisor Craig Maier, who did not get a letter, recommended that residents who did receive one sign off on it and return it to E.T. Rover, so the company can get its surveying done before hunting season in November.

If a resident got a letter from the company, “I advise them to sign the letter and send it back, which alleviates the property owner of any responsibility,” Maier said, adding that he spoke to a company official in Jackson and was assured that if there was any property damage during the surveying, the company agreed to fix it.

“They want to get out there before people start looking for that 16-point buck,” Maier said.

Signing the letter, he said, “only gives surveyors permission to go on a property owner’s land to get a sight line.”

Although Maier said the company did not approach the township ahead of time with information about the project, E.T. Rover has planned an open house at the Village Conference Center at the Chelsea Comfort Inn on Tuesday, July 15 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

“I strongly recommend that those who got a letter attend this open house,” Maier said, “To see exactly what’s going on.”

Here’s what the company’s Website had to say about the pipeline project:

“ET Rover Pipeline Company LLC (ET Rover) is a new interstate natural gas pipeline company being designed to transport natural gas from processing facilities located in the prolific Marcellus and Utica Shale areas to market regions in the United States and Canada.”

The project “will enable the flow of natural gas from processing plants and interconnections in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio to point of interconnection with Energy Transfer’s existing Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line and other Midwest pipeline interconnects near Defiance, Ohio,” the website states.

Additionally, there is a segment planned from the Defiance, Ohio area through Michigan to a spot near Sarnia, Canada.

The pipeline project includes about 380 miles of 36-inch and 42-inch diameter mainline pipeline, plus:

  • Construction of six new meter stations along the mainline pipeline.
  • Construction of about 197 miles of 24-, 36- and 42-inch diameter pipes
  • Five new compressor stations
  • Various new meter stations in the supply areas

The Chelsea open house is one of 10 planned by the company for residents in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Michigan. Maier said company representatives will be on hand to answer resident’s questions.

Maier suggested that only those people who received a letter go to the open house to find out more information.

To learn more about this company, click here.


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2 Responses to “Texas company hopes to place natural gas pipeline through Lima Township”

  1. Julie Norwood says:

    I think all residents of the area should ask R.T. rover to convince or work with DTE to give residents of the area the option of natural gas to their homes. Taking into consideration that we have a huge natural gas pipeline going through our neighborhood. Yet, the majority of homes are heated with propane or wood.

  2. Steve Graflund says:

    Neighbor called ET to get details, said plan was for pipeline to run right next to new Endbridge pipeline. Neighbor said pipeline would not be until 2017 but this might be a misinterpretation, found document on internet that said the full in service date is 2nd quarter of 2017, which means everything done and complete.

    So I agree, I will have a 42in pipe full of natural gas running 200 feet from my house but cannot get natural gas to heat my house.