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Steve Burnette in the coffee bar area at The Pointe at Cavanaugh Lake

Steve and Denise Burnette recently opened The Pointe at Cavanaugh Lake, a cozy and upscale party store in Sylvan Township with their son and daughter, LeAnne and Joshua Wright.

Located at the corner of Cavanaugh Lake and Glazier roads, in the site of the former Chelsea Greenhouse, the renovations began on April 1 and the transformation was completed for an Aug. 27 opening.

From the inviting seating area near the coffee bar, complete with free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TV, to the hand-dipped ice cream area, the store offers visitors a wide variety of staples in its 2,000 square feet of retail space.

“We want this to be asset for the community,” said Denise Burnette, who has spent 35 years in the restaurant business.

The local couple — Steve has lived here for 20 years and Denise for 10 years — said they look forward to meeting more of their neighbors as well as new customers, many of whom had been stopping by to check out the progress since the renovations began months ago.

Denise Burnette said her husband has wanted to put a store in the site for years. Before it was a greenhouse, the space was a small convenience store for the lake community and in the ’70′s and ’80′s she said her husband would walk there for an ice cream.

Get some hand-dipped ice cream

“We are trying to be a little higher-end, cozy, warm and inviting for walkers, drivers and bikers. Come in, sit down and be comfortable,” she said, adding that “The community has been very supportive since we opened.”

And as of Sept. 4, the owners were approved by the state for a beer and wine license, and expect to start carrying these adult beverages in the next two weeks.

Welcome to The Point at Cavanaugh Lake

“The Barnettes’ did a wonderful job with this store,” said Sylvan Township Supervisor Bob Lange, who visited on opening day. “They put a lot of energy into it and I wish them every success.”

There’s hand-dipped ice cream in eight flavors, Beantown coffee in four flavors, and the owners hope that people will come in relax in the comfy chairs, use the free Wi-Fi and enjoy the high-end coffee selection.

They serve high-quality hotdogs and have all the staples – milk, juice, bread and ice. And, lots of salty and sweet snacks in addition to fresh donuts.

In the future, they hope to have LP gas switch-outs and fishing bait as well as seasonal items for the lake community residents, as well as hot sandwiches and pizza by the slice.

The name, they said, comes from the fact that the property comes to a point between the two roads.

Currently, the store is open 6 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 8 a.m.-8 p.m. on Sunday but those hours could change during the winter.

Joshua Wright makes a hot dog at The Pointe at Cavanaugh Lake.

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8 Responses to “The Pointe at Cavanaugh Lake, Sylvan Township’s new party store”

  1. Todd Ortbring says:

    Will they be selling nightcrawlers like the old days? We used to call the former owner (1970′s) “You Bet” as that was his answer for everything. We used to see how many times we could get him to say it every time we went in there. Congrats to the new owners and good luck!

  2. Crystal Hayduk says:

    I am beyond thrilled that the store has opened. I’ve visited twice so far and have been pleased with the service, the appearance, and the selection.

  3. Rod Craig says:

    I am so happy for you guys. Its been a long time coming Denise !

    God”s Peace Rod

  4. Amanda Holmes Tarasow says:

    ExcIted it’s open – yay for coffee bar! Potential treats from the shop will make the 12 mile bike ride(or run) out around the lake extra fun!

  5. stephanie basar says:

    Congrats Steve! We will definitely have to stop in and see you!

  6. Laura Murphy says:

    Congrats Steve and family,
    Thanks for starting up a new business in Chelsea! Good Luck!

  7. Sandie Schulze says:

    I lived down the road in the 1970′s and appreciated the little grocery store that was open when we had two blizzards and couldn’t get into “town” to buy milk and other necessities. We skiied to the store. ;-) Great to have a store back! Best of luck.

  8. Kathleen Brown says:

    Great news! The whole Lake community will be greatful as they re establish their relationship with the store! Hooray!

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