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A Reminder about Letter to the Editor Policy on Chelsea Update

Several readers have contacted me about a recently published letter to the editor on Chelsea Update that they think was written by someone who used a fictitious first and last name. 

Chelsea Update is a one-person operation and I do my very best to make sure that this does not happen. I contact letter writers via email before their letters are published. And in this case, this letter writer and I emailed back and forth several times.

In fact, I have received several letters about the upcoming November City Council election that were either written by people who did not want to use their real names or who lived in a different state and their letters were not published.

Please take a moment to review my policy for letters to the editor if you plan to send one.

And, if it is determined that this letter was written under a fictitious name, it will be removed from the site to comply with the policy of Chelsea Update. 

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