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Additional Safety for a Small Price

By Jen Vargas

We hear about “Help! I can’ get up” concerns by older adults. Lying on the floor when you are hurt and alone would be very frightening and dangerous.

That recently happened to two of my older adult friends who live alone. In our community we have a wonderful response to 911 calls. Then what happens?

The First Responders arrive but all the doors are locked and the resident can’t get to the door. The only way they can help is to break down the door which results in expensive repairs.

Or someone notices smoke coming from my home.  I’m not home. My doors are locked. My dog is trapped.  Again, the only way to gain entry is to break down a door.  I can always hide a key under a flower pot, in the entry light, or above the door. I strongly doubt that I could think of a spot that burglars haven’t already thought about.

The Chelsea Area Fire Authority (CAFA) visited the Chelsea Senior Center and talked about a service they will provide.

For $40, CAFA will provide and install a locked box near your door. You will give them a key. They set the combination which is only known to CAFA and they periodically change it. Now if I call 911 and can’t open the door, they can.

If friends can’t reach me or are concerned about me, they can call CAFA who will come to check on me.

This is a great service especially for those who live alone. It provides peace of mind to the resident and their family and is much less expensive than repairing broken doors and doorways.

All you have to do is go to/call CAFA to make arrangements. I did and I’m glad I did.

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