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Anna Cangialosi visits Chelsea Kiwanis Club, talks ‘geek’ and other library programs

Kiwanis Club member Mike Schroer and Anna Cangialosi, who spoke at a recent Kiwanis Club meeting.

Anna Cangialosi marketing coordinator with the Chelsea District Library was the guest speaker at a recent Chelsea Kiwanis Club meeting.

She updated the club on many of the library’s programs, such as Geek the Library, and Sonic Sundays.

Geek the Library is a public awareness campaign designed to highlight the vital roles that public libraries play in their communities, according to a press release.

The campaign introduces the word ‘geek’ as a verb and illustrates that everyone is passionate about something—everyone ‘geeks’ something—and whatever you ‘geek’ the public library supports it all.

A case study documenting the local campaign was recently released by OCLC, a nonprofit membership organization that provides computer-based services to libraries worldwide.

In June of 2012, the library kicked off the campaign featuring Howdy Holmes, president/CEO of Chelsea Milling Company, on posters and banners throughout town.

Participation grew to more than 400 community members: seniors, city workers, local business owners, kids, teens and families. Many participants are photographed holding a prop supporting their geek.

“We were very impressed with the Chelsea District Library team’s efforts to include and engage the local community in their campaign,” Linn Haugestad Edvardsen, program manager for Geek the Library, said in a press release.”

“They used Geek the Library as an opportunity to strengthen local partnerships while solidifying the library’s position as an important community resource,” she said.

Geek the Library was developed by OCLC with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Read the case study here:

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