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April 26: Learn about the local Quakers during zoom meeting

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Chelsea resident John Deikis for the information in this story.)

The Friends Lake Cooperative Community Michigan Friends Center, and many Quakers live around Chelsea and have for more than 150 years.

Who are the Quakers, anyway?

Find out at a Seekers Session on Sunday, April 26, 1 p.m. via Zoom.

What do Quakers believe in? How can we practice our beliefs in our daily lives?

Friends have no prepared prayers … or creeds. However, there is the recognition of the sanctity of life and the Spirit of the Divine reflected in every person.

We seek to make our daily lives witness to the living Truth—our faith is about practice. The principles or inward states which proceed from faith and, we hope, underlie our actions are often referred to as “Testimonies”— on equality, peace, simplicity, integrity, community, and earthcare.

Come hear how fellow Quakers have incorporated the testimonies in their daily lives and discuss your thoughts and questions with other Washtenaw County Friends.

Connection information for Zoom available on the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting website:

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