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Aug. 11: last Rec It Tuesday is a scavenger hunt


(Chelsea Update would like to thank Kristina Martin, president of Chelsea Area Friends For Recreation)

Go on a scavenger hunt Tuesday, Aug. 11 as part of Rec It Tuesday.

Using the clues below, can you find the seven CHELSEA specific locations?

When you do, post a selfie or comment on, (click on “discussion” to post) about the places you found in town in order to be eligible to win a weekly prize from a Chelsea business.

When you find the seven Chelsea-specific locations below, post a selfie or post a comment of the places you found in town.

To enter the weekly drawing, make sure you post on the Chelsea Area Friends for Recreation Facebook page.

Christmas in August?  Where does Santa Claus show up for Hometown Holidays?

How about finding local produce on a Saturday morning? Take a minute to explore and relax in this great space!

Ever get a flat tire doing all that bike riding around town?  Ride on over and stop by the bike fix-it station

Letts Creek is home to lots of creatures and critters.  Find a boat and pose making a creature face, like a fish or turtle.

Soaring up into the sky, two of Chelsea’s best-known landmarks are across the street from each other. Take a look at either one, or even both!

Entropy, Dotszy, and Zebra Herders II are just a few of the pieces along the Chelsea Sculpture Walk.  Find your favorite sculpture downtown – can you find its name?

At long last, we can just stop what we are doing and play. ‘Wooden’ you like to play?

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