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Beach Middle School Robotics takes 3 teams to regional qualifier

Courtesy photo. The Beach Middle School Chelsea Glitch Robotics team.
Courtesy photo. The Beach Middle School Chelsea The Glitch Robotics team.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Marka Eberle for the information in this story as well as the photos.)

Beach Middle School Robotics recently took its three teams of students to the Mason Regional Qualifier. It was their rookie competition, and they exceeded all expectations.

As the only school there with three teams, we had the most kids involved, the most robots, the best mentor, most enthusiastic parents and won awards and accolades.

Courtesy photo. Beach Middle School The Gremlins Robotic Team.
Courtesy photo. Beach Middle School The Gremlins Robotics Team.

The Gremlins

On the field, the Chelsea Gremlins prowess at robot precision driving was second to none. The Gremlins had a rough start to the competition because during several matches they were paired with non-functional robots. But Bulldog tenacity and ingenuity won the day. They developed new point scoring opportunities in the form of an improved autonomous program, an awesome endgame scoring technique (lifting a ball twice the size of their robot) and still managed to replace their button-pushing mechanism on the fly when a collision with another robot pulled it off.  

Courtesy photo. Beach Middle School Crash Robotics team.
Courtesy photo. Beach Middle School The Crash Robotics team.

The Crash

The Chelsea Crash catapulted into success, decisively winning their first match with their accurate shooter. Shaming a NASCAR pit crew with their alacrity, they replaced several parts including wheels, and drive systems between matches. Their willingness to network with other teams allowed for parts swapping and sharing – a key value at the competition. Crash camaraderie and spirit was an example to all.

The Glitch

But it was truly the Chelsea Glitch’s day. They finished 16th in the competition, but grabbed the judges attention due to the design and programming of the robot. They won the Control Award for their use of a 3D augmented reality for navigation that used cameras on the robot to autonomously guide them to their objectives. They placed 3rd in the PTC design award for their creative and unique robot build design. The largest surprise was that they were the 2nd finalist for the Inspire Award, which is the highest award given out at FTC matches.

All these accolades combined earned them an invitation to the State Championship in late December.

All three teams expect to elevate their game and improve their robots to be a dominating force at the next competition in Howell on Dec.3.

A special thanks goes out to all the mentors who have dedicated hundreds of hours supporting the students. 

The Chelsea Robotics Club at Beach Middle School may sport three robot competition teams, but it’s the teamwork of everyone that will help us exceed expectations and fight for state’s invitations for all.

The Howell FTC Robotics event is open to everyone and runs all day. Matches begin on Dec. 3 at 11 a.m.

Learn more about First Tech Challenge Robotics and see lots of exciting robot action.  

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