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Beeline to Trouble by Hannah Reed will put spring into a snowy day

Beeline to TroubleI don’t know about you, but I am really and truly ready for spring.

I’m done with snow and cold and not being able to plant anything. So on this National Agriculture Day (and the day before the official start of spring), I’m doing the best I can to bring you something great to read — until we can all get to the business of planting something yummy, green and beautiful.

So, here’s my advice. Ignore the snow and cold and grab this title — “Beeline to Trouble” by Hannah Reed.

It’s the fourth in the Queen Bee Mystery series and it’s  just as sweetly engrossing as the first three titles. Set in the Midwest, this cozy mystery features Story Fischer, her whacky and fun family, her grocery store “The Wild Clover” and of course, her bees, which aren’t always appreciated by everyone in Moraine, Wis.

Story’s beloved bees are constantly being blamed for murder. And, in this tale, a guest drops dead during a tour of their hives so the delightful and funny part-time sleuth must once again prove that her bees had nothing whatsoever to do a death.

I adore this series and you can read snippets of my previous reviews — while at and as the author of Cozy Corner — in the first few pages.

With each book, I learn more bee facts and enjoy more honey-laden recipes. But I will warn you, once you start reading, you won’t want to stop.

And, once you finish this one, I know you’ll want to go back and read: Buzz Off, Mind Your Own Beeswax, and Plan Bee.

So, stop by or call Just Imagine downtown at 108 E. Middle St., or call 562-2040 and they can have these books ordered and in your hands in a jiffy. You’ll enjoy discovering the fun and frolic that is a hallmark of this Queen Bee series. And, once the farmers markets open for the season, you’ll want to buy some local honey and try out all the recipes.

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