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Behind the lens at Mark Bogarin Photography

Composite by Mark Bogarin Photography
Courtesy photo of Mark Bogarin

Since Mark Bogarin was a little kid, he’s been around a camera.

“I watched my dad with his Polaroid,” he says. “You remember. Shoot the photo, it comes out, wait 60 seconds, then peel it apart to see the picture.”

In fact, Bogarin used to take his dad’s camera when he was just 6 years old and try taking photos himself. “My mom always used to tell my dad (Sam Bogarin), ‘Let Mark have the camera, let Mark have the camera,’ because he usually cut people’s heads off,” he says, adding, “My dad was always artistic and all three of his sons are artistic.”

From instant photos to film to digital, Bogarin has made the transition and today he has two Nikon D-700 camera bodies and a number of lenses – used to capture those poignant, yet fleeting moments in life.

For many years, the Chelsea resident worked full-time in another aspect of the business in professional photo production and sales, while working behind the lens in his business part-time. But in 2009, he made yet another transition – this time to full-time professional photographer.

Composite by Mark Bogarin

And, as the artistic and creative eye behind the lens, he found a niche not just taking single photos but also superimposing them on each other and designing composites, focusing mainly on sports. In fact, you may have seen some of his single, dramatic sports photos on Chelsea Update.

Timing those special split-second moments goes “hand and finger” with knowing the game, and playing a number of different sports throughout his life.

“I’m an athlete and I love sports, so I know where to go and how the plays will develop. That makes a big difference,” he says of visually grabbing the perfect shot or catch.

Even those terrific celebratory moments.

And, although he shoots a variety of sports, that’s not the extent of his photographic repertoire. He’s also well known for his wedding photography, zeroing in on the special moments that make each bride and groom and their wedding day unique.

Senior photos by Mark Bogarin.

Bogarin also enjoys shooting senior high school portraits, finding the best background to fit the student and the poses that clearly illustrate the personality of each senior, so they are beautifully done keepsakes of that soon-to-be graduate.

“I can relate to them and they have a good time,” Bogarin says of his ability to put these high school students at ease.

He says he really doesn’t have a favorite subject or a specialty. “You don’t pick a favorite if you enjoy shooting and you’re good at it,” he says.

His unique composite designs can be framed around any subject although his bread-and-butter is sports-themed compositions. Typically, they include three or four action shots and a portrait.

And, until recently, he’d choose a random athlete, focus on him or her during a game, design the composite, then show it to the athlete. But because Bogarin’s sports composite designs have become so popular, he’s now accepting orders to create them in almost any theme, such as music, dance or art, for instance.

Composite by Mark Bogarin.

“There are limitless possibilities,” he says.

Bogarin also does commercial work and has shot photos locally for LaJolla Fine Jewelry, U-M Law School, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and Falcon Innovations.

Here’s a look at his Website where you can find more information and see his gorgeous photography or find him on Facebook.

And, yes, if you’d like him to shoot and design a composite as a Christmas gift, there’s still time to make that happen as a unique surprise under the tree.

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  1. I can personally attest to Mark’s quality photography. He took the team pictures for Chelsea Lacrosse this past season and did a remarkable job.

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