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Brandon Emmert honors police and firefighters with his handmade wooden flags

Courtesy photo. CAFA personnel with their flags made by Brandon Emmert. (Emmert in center without a flag in his hand.)
Courtesy photo. Brandon Emmert holds one of the flags he made.

By Lisa Carolin

Chelsea resident Brandon Emmert’s talent for crafting wooden flags is getting more attention than usual these days.

Not only are his flags a draw around Independence Day, but also they drew praise recently from the Chelsea Area Fire Authority.

Emmert, a 16-year-old soon to be junior at Chelsea High School, gave a handmade flag to all the personnel at CAFA, as shown in the photo organized by Fire Chief Robert Arbini. (Emmert is the one not holding a flag.)

Courtesy photo. Brandon Emmert’s workshop.

“I decided to make the flags for the police, dispatchers, and firefighters to show my appreciation for what they do for our community,” said Emmert, who has his own business called Bk’s Flags. “Bk’s Flags is a hobby of mine that started in my grandpa’s workshop that has evolved into a passion of mine which has led me to create my own workshop.”

He makes the flags out of wood he gets from the Chelsea Lumber Company.

“I char each stripe with a torch to bring out the grain of the wood and also apply a coat of polyurethane so the char won’t run off,” said Emmert.

Courtesy photo. A close-up of the flags made by Brandon Emmert.

He takes on all sorts of custom orders from flags to benches to dining tables. It all began in eighth-grade when Beach Middle School teacher Kathryn McCalla assigned students something called a “passion project”.

“I decided to make a wooden flag with my grandpa,” said Emmert. “After I finished my project, multiple people asked if they could purchase one, so my grandpa and I started making more and more. These 44 flags for the local police department, dispatchers, and fire fighters pushed my production to over 200 flags.”

Emmert’s goal is for his business to expand so that he can ship his wooden flags around the country.

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Courtesy photo. Brandon Emmert gave flags he made to Chelsea Police Department members.
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4 thoughts on “Brandon Emmert honors police and firefighters with his handmade wooden flags”

  1. Great story, and congratulations to Brandon and his entrepreneurship. He’ll be a budding businessman some day, and thanks for supporting our law enforcement, fire and dispatch employees. That sets a great example for the young people in our community.

  2. I’m glad to see Brandon Emmert recognized not only for being a wonderful craftsman but an outstanding citizen of our community. Brandon has always been one to help others, be kind, and genuinely a “good guy” towards all others. Congratulations, Brandon, on being a positive example for all of us to follow.

  3. Brandon what a great way to honor those who serve in our community. They are beautiful and how great you are doing this with your grandfather. This time will become a treasure later in life for you. Thank you so much!

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