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C.A.A.D.Y. Corner Quilters efforts donated to local organizations (with slideshow)

Photo by Lisa Carolin. Jean Ketcham, a member of the C.A.A.D.Y. quilters, works on a quilt at the Chelsea Senior Center.
Photo by Lisa Carolin. One of the many quilts on display at Silver Maples of Chelsea made by the collaborative efforts of the C.A.A.D.Y. quilters.

Photos and story by Lisa Carolin

Anyone impressed by the collaborative effort of fine quilt making has until the end of February to visit Silver Maple’s Gallery 100 to see the work of C.A.A.D.Y. Corner Quilters.

(C.A.D.D.Y. stands for Chelsea, Ann Arbor, Dexter, and Ypsilanti, the towns from where these quilters live.)

The C.A.A.D.Y. quilters donate their quilts to local organizations including patients at the University of Michigan’s Bone Marrow transplant Unit, Faith in Action, and the St. Louis Center.

“We can look at a quilt and know who did it by the style and personality,” said member Dee Burkel.

“I like the fellowship we have,” said Judy Flint, and we have a really good time.”

C.A.A.D.Y. began more than 20 years ago, and the group meets every Tuesday afternoon at the Chelsea Senior Center. The members are Dee Burkel, Colleen Carey, Jackie Conlon, Sally Dickinson, Jill Fairchild, Judy Flint, Mary Jo Freitas, Jean Ketcham, Cheryl Kraft, Pat Kraska, Doris Lemcke, Mary Randolf, Ann Rogers, Kay Janet Silkworth, Kathi Sporer, and Charlotte Wyche.

None of the member’s names appears on the quilts because every quilt is a collaborative effort. But, on the back corner of each of their quilts is a label that reads: Made Especially for You by the C.A.A.D.Y. Corner Quilters.

Lemcke says that she enjoys being around the group’s creative energy.

“Putting the pieces together and sewing creates a serenity of the mind,” she said.

The C.A.A.D.Y. Quilters have given away nearly 300 quilts since they started keeping records of donations in 2008, including donating 52 quilts in 2017.


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  1. A very heartfelt thank you to the talented artists at C.A.A.D.Y. for their generous donations to St. Louis Center’s annual Fall Dinner Auction. God Bless all of you and your good works.

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