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CAFA millage renewal on Tuesday’s ballot under state-wide ballot questions

Chelsea Area Fire Authority sign.

On Tuesday’s ballot, in addition to all the candidates, voters are asked if they want to renew a 1.8 millage, which funds the Chelsea Area Fire Authority.

Registered voters in Chelsea and the townships of Lima, Lyndon and Sylvan will see the question below on their ballots. It can be found under the five state-wide ballot proposals.

Here’s what you’ll be asked to vote on:

Chelsea Area Fire Authority Renewal Millage Proposal

“Shall the Chelsea Area Fire Authority, County of Washtenaw, Michigan, renew the previously voted increase in tax limitation in an amount not to exceed 1.80 mills ($1.80 on each $1,000 dollars of taxable value) against all taxable real and tangible personal property within the limits of the Chelsea Area Fire  authority for a period of five (5) years, 2014 to 2018 inclusive, to provide  funds for all purposes authorized by statute, including operating and equipping the Chelsea Area Fire Authority; and shall the Chelsea Area Fire Authority levy such millage for said purpose? The estimate of the revenue the Chelsea Area Fire Authority will collect if 1.80 mills is approved and levied by the Chelsea Area Fire Authority in the 2014 calendar year is approximately $1,260,000. By law, the Chelsea Downtown Development Authority will receive a portion of the mills collected from the Chelsea Downtown Development Authority District only.”

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