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CAFE Grant Assists Metal Artist Kyle Burnett

Courtesy photo. Kyle Burnett’s metal sculpture “Elk Bugling” on the Chelsea Sculpture Walk.

Kyle Burnett, whose sculpture, “Elk Bugling” is on display outside the Chelsea District Library, was looking for a way to expand his sculpting horizons.

A metal artist, Burnett had long relied on creating works of art out of scrap metal, particularly animals, since their diversity is similar to the variety he finds in scrap metal.

However, scrap metal does have its limitations, Burnett said. And then CAFE funded the purchase sheet metal equipment to rework scrap metal, opening up new dimensions for his art.

“The grant really gave me the push forward I needed and has really diversified the way I design pieces.”

Burnett said he has begun work on an idea that has been brewing for some time. One that was different, both in terms of material and theme:  A scrap metal lion lunging out of a simple sheet metal human torso that represent the pain, sorrow, and aggressiveness of cancer.

“This image is how I felt most of my childhood, as I watched my mother fight cancer until it ultimately took her and ripped apart the family.”

He said that while the rough form of the scrap metal lion could seem graphic, the simplicity of the sheet metal human shows the fragility of life.

“The process in designing this sculpture has been very close to my heart,” said Burnett. “I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

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