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Can you help solve the mystery of these concrete pyramids?

Courtesy photo. Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Department.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Roy Townsend for the information in this story.)

While working on the Dexter B2B Trail, five concrete pyramid foundations were dug up east of Fletcher Road.

If anyone knows what these foundations were used for or were planned to be used for, please email Roy Townsend, project manager, Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation.

They are 5-7 feet tall, but only 2 feet of them was sticking out of the ground and the rest of the pyramid structure was buried.

So, let me know if you have any idea what Mr. Boland was planning for these structures.

You can email Townsend,  at [email protected].



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7 thoughts on “Can you help solve the mystery of these concrete pyramids?”

  1. This doesn’t end well, I’ve seen the movie. Seriously though, could they have been used to prevent erosion? Traffic barricade on an old road?

  2. I would check with Donna Lane since she is a life long resident of the Chelsea area..I know that in this area was where all of the water trays were installed for the steam engines to pick up water during the 20’s through the 40’s

  3. Footings for a railroad water tank? If so, there should be bolt holes or metal bolts on the tops.

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