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Chelsea Area Friends for Recreation present a ‘rec’ing’ twist on Bingo

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Jim Randolph for the information in this story.)

Most all of us are familiar with the annual mood swing brought about by the prospect of a challenging year followed by a long winter. It’s harder to get out of bed each day and your disposition frequently reflects the weather outside – colder, darker, and sometimes nastier.

Compounded by COVID-19 and the social distancing it requires, this season portends a larger than normal incidence in cases of the winter doldrums.

Chelsea Area Friends for Recreation (CAFR) has a remedy: Rec’ing the Rest of 2020 Bingo. It’s fun, safe, and potentially rewarding. More important, it might motivate you to become a bit more active this fall as you shift your focus indoors and likely become more hibernative.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the Chelsea Area Friends for Recreation (CAFR) Facebook page.
    2. Find the “Rec’ing the Rest of 2020 Bingo Card”.
    3. Complete each activity and post to the CAFR Facebook page as indicated.
    4. Take a picture of your card when you get a bingo and upload to the CAFR Facebook page.

Prize drawings will be awarded monthly until Jan. 1, 2021 based on randomly selected posts related to the Bingo game.

Ready to start? Go to and start playing today.

As we near the holiday shopping frenzy, the Chelsea Area Friends for Recreation reminds you to consider selecting them as your preferred Amazon Smiles charitable organization.

It’s easy, costs you nothing, and will directly benefit our local community. To register, go to:

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