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Chelsea City Council to discuss a number of budget transfers

Chelsea logoOf the seven business items on tonight’s Chelsea City Council agenda, five items have to do with payments and budget transfers.

Following an expected report about Downtown Development Authority activities, there is a request from Kim Garland, administrative services director, to transfer various amounts from the city’s electric, water, wastewater, general fund, stormwater and solid waste funds to make the city’s bond payment for a court judgment against the city.

The request is for $226,000 — $77,596.50 from the electric fund, $38,186.54 from the water fund, $31,822.12 from the wastewater fund, $66,173.50 from the general fund, $9,546.63 from the solid waste fund and $3,182.21 from the stormwater fund. The bond payments are made each November and May.

Also among the monetary requests is one for a $26,000 transfer from the major street fund to the local street fund.

“This is an internal transfer of monies between two funds for the purpose of completing necessary street maintenance (mainly snow plowing and winter maintenance) for 13-14,” according to the agenda item summary from Garland.

Garland is also requesting City Council’s approval to transfer $124,425 from the general fund to the capital projects fund for a bond payment for the new police building. The police station payment is for $99,425 and the additional amount is budgeted for the renovation of the city offices, according to the agenda item.

Also among the items for discussion is the approval of the dissolution of the Chelsea Recreation Board of Directors, a report from City Manager John Hanifan about solar ready communities, the monthly police report from Police Chief Ed Toth, and the city’s quarterly investment and financial reports.

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