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Chelsea Community Fair: be sure to stop by the Nature’s Creation of Life barn

Photo by Lisa Carolin. Two of the many different animals you’ll find in the Nature’s Creation of Life barn.
Photo by Lisa Carolin.

By Lisa Carolin

A guaranteed hit for all ages who attend the Chelsea Community Fair is a visit to the Nature’s Creation of Life exhibit, which offers a variety of baby animals.

“This barn provides not only something fun for both adults and children at the Fair, but it’s also something educational,” said Sarah Patrias, who runs the exhibit in the red barn. “Whether attendees come from an agricultural background or not, they can learn something. We try to present information in an exciting way to get people to want to learn.”

This year’s baby animals include llamas, calves, chicks, a donkey, piglets, and kittens. The kittens can be adopted and were born with cerebellar hypoplasia, meaning that the part of the brain that coordinates movement is underdeveloped.

“They can live long, healthy lives but they require a special home willing to care for kittens like this,” said Patrias. “They’ll need some rehabilitation to keep their strength up. It’s more work than a normal kitten, but it can be very rewarding.”

Nature’s Creation of Life exhibit volunteer Diane Weid is planning to adopt two of the baby goats at the exhibit.

Photo by Lisa Carolin.

“These are Nigerian dwarfs,” she said. “I like the way they jump around like jelly beans.”

Weid was helping to set up all the signage that is part of the exhibit, which offer explanations of the stages of development of many of the animals.

Some of the animals can be held and petted. There’s even a life-sized cow that you can learn to milk.

The Nature’s Creation of Life barn is open all day, every day of the fair.

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