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Chelsea couple creates repurposed one-of-a-kind window art

Courtesy photo. An example of Warren and Julie Price’s repurposed, one-of-a-kind window art.

By Lisa Carolin

Warren and Julie Price have taken their repurposing skills during this time of Covid-19 and created a new art form they call Wildfire Window Art.

The couple moved to Chelsea just over a year ago and have gotten a very positive response to their artwork. They are both new to working with glass.

“Window art is something we created with old window frames during the quarantine,” said Julie Price. “We use recycled wine bottles and various pieces of glass with a process not many have seen.”

The couple breaks the glass by using a resin and propane torch, which they describe as a combination of sanding and repairing the window frames.

“We apply a grey weather stain and then design each and every flower with the colored glass,” said Julie Price, adding that they then apply the resin and shards of glass using a propane torch to melt the products together. “We have to keep a close eye during the curing and drying process to ensure there are no bubbles.”

The process of creating Wildflower Window Art takes two to three days per window.

The Prices, who previously lived in Canton where Warren Price was a business owner, decided to retire in Chelsea. They’d both always had a knack for repurposing items.

“We are always looking for ways to design new pieces of art and are thankful for the interest we have seen thus far,” said Warren Price, who had the idea to repurpose some old windows he’d found years ago.

“I had gin and wine bottles sitting around that were a really beautiful color,” said Warren Price. “As we create more windows, we tweak the process to make it more efficient and even more unique. Each one is truly one of a kind.”

The Prices are thrilled to have this new creative outlet and are pleased with the results. Not only have they had an enthusiastic response from the Chelsea community, but thanks to posting some of their windows in a Facebook Group about repurposing and recycling, they’ve had hundreds of responses.

One particular response from a buyer was particularly meaningful to the couple: “With everything going on in the world, your work puts a smile into my heart.”

The Prices’ Wildflower Window Art is available for purchase with prices ranging between $195-$275 per window. You can browse the current selection at

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  1. If the Prices are looking for more old windows I saw several in a pile on the extension of a home in Lanewood subdivision on my walk yesterday.

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