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3 thoughts on “Chelsea High School athletes update from Brad Bush”

  1. School should be liable for any covid cases they help create. It’s not going to kill anybody not have a sport season this year. It might having it.

  2. I agree with Bob Rudd.

    Even MHSAA is ‘allowing practice’ is tentative at best. 45% of new COVID cases in this county are young people.

    Cross country, singles tennis – maybe. Football, soccer, volleyball, swim & dive? Let’s keep our kids safe and alive.

  3. If we start making people liable (responsible by law; legally answerable for) illness they may cause, then everyone at Country Market who does’t go down a lane the correct direction could be in trouble.

    Last I checked sports we not mandatory nor required for school education or graduation. If you want to play sports like any injury evaluate the risks compared to your comfort level .

    That being said…. I sure wouldn’t be playing any sports right now..

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