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Chelsea Human Rights Commission discusses future steps

By Lisa Carolin

Following its June 25 presentation in the Chelsea District Library’s McKune room, the Chelsea Human Rights Commission reviewed the presentation at its July 3 meeting.

HRC members presented results of its 2018 survey as a slide show at the event and were pleased with the turnout.

HRC President Susan Morrel-Samuels said there was a good discussion that followed the presentation. Feedback from attendees included that the HRC needs to make more people aware that the City of Chelsea has a nondiscrimination ordinance.

People also asked that the HRC be a source of information for resources related to human rights both in the Chelsea community and the surrounding area.

The next presentation of the survey results will be for Chelsea High School Principal Mike Kapolka on Aug. 5.

HRC members plan to reach out to the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce, a variety of service clubs, and local township board members in the upcoming weeks.

The presentation is on the City of Chelsea’s website at,%20Committees,%20Commissions/Human%20Rights%20Commission/HRC%20Survey%20Results%20Community%20Presentation,%20June%202019.pdf.

At the July 3 meeting, HRC members discussed their vision for next steps, which included increasing awareness about the HRC, offering educational programs to share tools to help fight discrimination, and the possibility of making Ypsilanti a sister city.

The HRC meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. in City Council Chambers. The next meeting is Aug. 7.

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  1. So people think that the city of Chelsea needs to advertise the fact that we have a non-discrimination ordinance. personally I think it’s a sad day that this could actually be a selling point and advertising promo for our town. Treating a human being like a human being should be common sense not a selling point for a town

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