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Chelsea Kiwanis Club update on Preemie Pal Project

File photo. Audrey Schwimmer, Cindi Etsker, and Nancy Memmer, as the coordinators receive funding for quilt supplies from Kiwanis.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Bob Milbrodt for the information in this story.)

Despite the pandemic, work continues on the Preemie Pal Project.

Newborn babies in need of an incubator can receive a handmade quilt, which covers the machine. The quilt helps to quiet the noises made by hospital equipment and staff, and protects the preemie from the bright, (but necessary), lighting.

Several volunteers from around the country are working to fill the need. Hospitals launder each quilt before use. Families get to take home the quilt, and children can enjoy as a “security blanket” as they grow up.

Nancy Memmer from the Chelsea Kiwanis Club, continues making quilts along with Preemie Pals Project coordinators Audrey Schwimmer and Cindi Etsler to fill the need at Michigan Medicine’s NICU, (newborn intensive care unit).

Chelsea Kiwanis is fortunate to have both human and financial resources for the benefit of the community, especially its children, thanks to the generous support from the community for our fundraisers.

During the last few months, most of our service projects have been postponed or cancelled. We would appreciate any suggestions for using our resources, while following pandemic guidelines.

Please contact our president, John Knox, [email protected] or our treasurer, Bob Milbrodt, [email protected] with your ideas.

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