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Chelsea Police might have your jewelry or bike

Did you lose any jewelry at the Chelsea Community Fair? 

Has a bicycle been stolen from you or one of your neighbors?

Please give Chelsea Police Sgt. Rich Kinsey a call because your lost or stolen property might be held at the Chelsea Police Department.

Sgt. Kinsey normally works the Midnight Shift, but if you leave him a voice mail or better yet an e-mail address he will get back with you.

To inquire about a lost or stolen article, call Sgt. Kinsey at 734-475-9122 ext. 410 or better yet e-mail him at:  [email protected]

What he will need from you is a specific description of what you have lost, approximately when and where the item was lost, your name and e-mail address or telephone number.

To claim an item, you will need photo identification and you will be asked to sign for the item.

Remember only things that were found in the City of Chelsea are held at the Chelsea Police Department.

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