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Chelsea Police, Solid Waste Department Purchases Approved by City Council

Following unanimous approval by the Chelsea City Council on July 19, the Chelsea Police Department will have new in-car video systems and body cameras and the Department of Solid Waste will have a new Kenworth semitruck.

Police Chief Ed Toth told the City Council that the AXON body cameras and in-car video systems were used by neighboring police agencies and had received favorable reviews for its integrated system.

He said that should an officer unholster a taser or pistol from the belt they wear, the cameras automatically turn on. Calling them the gold standard in body cameras and in-car video systems, Toth said there are also free camera replacements when new models are released by the company.

The City Council approved the purchase of 16 body cameras for the department and in-car video systems for a cost of about $77,050 and about $37,100 to outfit five scout cars with the in-car video systems. This also includes hardware and software to utilize them. The total cost of about $114,200 was included in the FY 2021-2022 budget.

Ray Schmidt explained to the City Council that the city’s current 1990 semi has multiple broken parts that are proving harder and harder to replace. Although not budgeted for this year, it’s beyond repair.

He said the city needs a new vehicle and was given approval for a 5-year lease/purchase of a semitruck through KS State Bank in the amount of about $30,520 per year for a total price of about $152,600.

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