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Chelsea School bus hit by car Tuesday afternoon

Chelsea school children were removed from a school bus that was rear-ended by a car that caught on fire Tuesday afternoon in Lyndon Township.

Chelsea Fire Chief Jim Payeur said firefighters had just returned to the station from a rollover accident on I-94 when they were called to Osius Road in Lyndon Township.

He said a Chelsea High School driver rear ended the bus on a steep portion of the rural road and the car subsequently caught fire.

Although it was quickly put out, the car was destroyed, Payeur said, adding the bus sustained minor damage from the crash and fire as well.

No one was hurt in the accident he said and it appeared that slick roads were likely the cause.

The children were all put on another bus.

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3 thoughts on “Chelsea School bus hit by car Tuesday afternoon”

  1. The rural gravel/dirt hills have been treacherous lately. Some thawing last week created mud and ruts, followed by rain that didn’t drain well, and then freezing temperatures which turned it to ice. I have not driven in the area cited in this article where the accident occurred, but I know that where I live, it has seemed like a serious accident just waiting to happen. Very glad to hear that nobody was hurt in this incident.

  2. I was on the bus I was a student when this happened 2 fire trucks came to put it out it was pretty crazy
    And my bus driver slipped and fell but she’s ok

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