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Chelsea, Sylvan voters wait in long lines this morning to vote

Voting in Chelsea this morning.
A line down the hall to vote in Chelsea.

People began lining up at the polls in Chelsea by 6 a.m. this morning even though they didn’t open until 7 a.m., and the lines of people continued throughout the morning at the Washington Street Education Center polling place.

Election workers said the turnout was steady all morning.

In Sylvan Township, cars were parked everywhere — on the grass and along Old US 12 — as people waited up to 45 minutes to cast their votes Tuesday morning.

Sylvan Township Clerk LuAnn Koch said this was “one of the larger turnouts I’ve seen in 20 years.”

Township voters stood outside and lines snaked across the parking lot to the township hall driveway.

A look at part of the line to vote in Sylvan Township Tuesday.
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1 thought on “Chelsea, Sylvan voters wait in long lines this morning to vote”

  1. At 8:00 AM, the lines were long in Chelsea’s Precinct 1, but I had no line at all in Precinct 2. In and out in less than 10 minutes. 🙂

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