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Chelsea vigil held to protest migrant camp and detention center conditions

Courtesy photo. A scene from Friday night’s vigil in Pierce Park.

(Chelsea Update would like to thank JoAnn Ladio for the information and photos in this story.)

More than a hundred people gathered in Pierce Park for a relatively ad hoc gathering to protest the inhumane conditions in the migrant camps and detention centers on the US-Mexico border.

This was a local vigil, but part of the worldwide Lights for Liberty Vigil on July 12.

Participants heard local speakers including an immigration attorney and an undocumented local mother, lit candles and sang at The Rock, which had been painted with “Asylum Seekers R People 2.”

Vigils went on in 25 other cities in Michigan as well.

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2 thoughts on “Chelsea vigil held to protest migrant camp and detention center conditions”

  1. I am disgusted with those liberal Chelsea residents and the other
    25 cities. They believe the lies of AOC but don’t believe the testimony of countless others who toured the facilities and saw the immigrants were well taken care of despite the refusal of the democratic Congress to appropriate needed funds.
    What they don’t understand is that the illegals that ICE is rounding up have been the criminals who have been in this country for two or three years and are refusing to show up for court. Do these liberals not understand “illegal”? It means NOT LEGAL. I lived in the Chelsea area for 43 years but am glad that I moved away to a community that has more sense.

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