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Chelsea Wellness Center offering Rock Steady Boxing

Courtesy photo. A participant in Rock Steady Boxing at Chelsea Wellness Center.

By Lisa Carolin

The Chelsea Wellness Center is now offering Rock Steady Boxing (RSB), a structured class designed to minimize the effects of Parkinson’s disease.

The 90-minute classes are offered three days a week and tailored to the ability of each participant. The classes incorporate strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and boxing techniques, and can help improve the activities of daily life.

They are led by certified RSB coaches, who are required to have both online learning and training as well as in-person training.

According to instructor Kaitlyn Schneider, “The program has been going great so far. I have really enjoyed getting to know our participants, learning their backgrounds, understanding the obstacles, and hearing their goals.”

To qualify for an RSB class, medical clearance is required from a participant’s healthcare provider.

You do not have to be a member of the Chelsea Wellness Center to participate, and there is a one-time initial assessment fee that includes a 60-minute assessment with an RSB coach as well as a pair of boxing gloves and gel hand wraps the participant can keep.

Scholarships are available.

To learn more, call 734-214-0220 or go to

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