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Consider spreading holiday cheer with a haircut

Courtesy photo. Madison Brodeur before her hair cut.

By Madison Brodeur

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many of us are reminded of the need to spread cheer. 

A thoughtful card, a plate of cookies, or a visit with distant family are warm memories of the holiday season.

What also comes to mind are the many donations needed to help those in our community. Clothing, food, and monetary donations can be an effortless way to make the holidays special in challenging times to those in need.  

One unique opportunity is the simple act of a haircut. 

Have you thought about a new style? 

Do you have 8″ or more in the length of your hair you’d be willing to part with?

Or do you have your pets at the groomers often or have chickens/sheep at your home?

Courtesy photo. Madison Brodeur after her hair cut.

The simple task of a haircut can make a huge difference in a person’s life and the environment.

My family has been impacted by the terrible aftereffects of cancer. My late grandmother had to deal with hair loss challenges after receiving treatment for cancer. Upon review of the many different donation programs, the top three on our list would be: Children with Hair Loss, Wigs 4 Kids, & Matter of Trust-Clean Wave organization (this organization will also take donations of pet hair & fleece/feathers.) 

This will be my second time over the past two years I have been fortunate to donate my hair to these wonderful causes. 

For more information & how to donate, visit the websites:,

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