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Dad’s Day at Chelsea Children’s Co-op Preschool

Father-daughter fun with goo at Chelsea Children's Co-Op Preschool Saturday.
Hey dad, look at me.

Dad’s Day, in its third year at the Chelsea Children’s Cooperative Preschool, combined a special breakfast, big vehicles and science on Saturday morning.

And, when it came to the hands-on science projects and checking out the big vehicles, it was hard to tell who was having more fun.

Although the type change each year, on Nov. 17, Bollinger’s Sanitation provided a mini excavator and a front-end loader while the Chelsea School District loaned a school bus for close inspection.

In the past, there has been a fire truck and a police car on display for hands-on inspection.

The preschool, which this year celebrated its 40th anniversary, also has a special Mom’s Day lunch at the end of the year. Schools officials said they thought it would be a good idea to add the Dad’s Day to the preschool’s tradition.

In fact, traditions are nothing new to the preschool as some parents with children enrolled in the school attended themselves as children.

At the heart of the preschool’s philosophy is the idea that parents are the first teachers in the lives of their children, so parents are encouraged to work in partnership with the teachers and participate as assistants in their child’s classroom, according to information from the preschool.

“We can provide so many more enriching educational opportunities because of the work, participation, and passion of our parents,” Courtney Aldrich, preschool director and 3’s and 4’s teacher since 2004, said previously.

“Our families are shareholders in the cooperative, sharing ownership of our school for each school year,” she said, adding, “The Co-op is a place for parents and children to learn and explore together with the guidance of professional teachers.”

The preschool emphasizes learning through play, providing developmentally appropriate activities that address the educational needs of the whole child – academic, social, and emotional.

I can fly, with a little help from dad.

Dad’s were surprised with a special key chain that had a photo of them and their child with the children’s reasons for why their dads were special.

“My dad’s special because he likes me,” one key chain said, while another said “My dad’s special because he plays with me.”

Other reasons why dad was special included because “he drinks beer”, “he feeds me when mom’s at work”, “he gives me prizes”, “he does fun stuff with me,” and, “he gives me rides on the 3-wheeler.”

The preschool is for children 2-5 years old and is located at 400 Congdon St.

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Fun on the school bus.
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