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Ever tried Zumba: Susan Bauer can show you how to dance fit

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Sue Bauer has always loved to dance, and she’s made a dance lover out of many students.

She’s taught a variety of classes over the years, choreographed high school and Chelsea Area Players shows, and run her own dance studio for many years.

“I was licensed to teach Zumba fitness last May and taught the inaugural class at the Manchester Wellness Center last fall when they opened,” she says.

Last week, she had about 12 students for the first of an 8-week session held Thursdays from 1-2 p.m. at the Chelsea Wellness Center.

“I have always loved to dance but most interestingly, since taking Susan’s dancing classes at the Chelsea Wellness Center and Manchester Wellness Center, I find that when I hear music outside my personal interest realm, I am responding in a completely different way,” says Chica McCabe, one of her students.

“Now, I don’t dismiss any style but rather, find myself thinking of dance movements to fit the rhythms. Susan’s dance classes have expanded my appreciation of music in its many forms and for that I am most grateful,” she says.

Here’s a class description: “This new Zumba Gold Fitness class is a specialty course designed for the active older adult (baby boomers) and those students with physical considerations who need a low impact, more moderate version of this fun Latin and internationally-inspired dance fitness program.”

The class will address the anatomical, physiological and psychological needs of the students.

“The Zumba Gold® program uses Latin, International and many other music styles to inspire movement. It’s a great way to join the Zumba fitness party for the first time, get a good cardio workout, and start your journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle,” Bauer says.

The class is free to wellness center members, and open to non-members for $56 and senior non-members over 55 years old for $50.

Those interested can register at the front desk or call 734-214-0220.



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