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Free Training on Creating an Inclusive Workplace

(Chelsea Update would like to thank Joann Ladio for the information in this story.)

The workplace should be a welcoming environment for every employee, but it isn’t always easy to achieve a culture of inclusivity.  

Given the importance of this culture to the workplace, the Chelsea District Library, the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Chelsea Human Rights Commission as well as St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea invite business owners, employers, and the public to join us for a presentation on how to promote DEI in your workplace.

Learn about some of the practices that are used at the St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Hospital, and how to apply them in your own business and life. 

St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Hospital will share why having a deliberate focus on creating a culture that embraces diversity by recognizing the uniqueness of individuals, communities, groups and their perspectives and experiences is critical for optimal organizational performance. 

SJMC believes that optimal organization performance can only be achieved if a conscious and deliberate effort is present to continuously work towards the creation of an accepting and nurturing work climate where similarities and differences are respected, supported and valued.  SJMC is on a journey to create an environment where an individual’s authentic self is welcomed and celebrated.

The presenters are a distinguished group and include the president of St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea, the director of SJMC Mission Services and the chief human resource officer for The Ann Arbor, Livingston and Chelsea St. Joseph Systems.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace, Tuesday, Aug. 10 via zoom from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. 

Those interested should register here

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