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Hardwood Solutions granted site plan approval by Chelsea Planning Commission

By Lisa Carolin

Hardwood Solutions was given approval for a combined preliminary and final site plan for a 19,760 square foot addition for warehouse use, construction of a new truck well, and other related site improvements by a unanimous vote of the Chelsea Planning Commission at its Sept. 22 Zoom meeting.

The motion by the planning commission requires Hardwood Solutions, located at 640 E. Industrial Dr., to complete a noise test by a certified noise testing entity that complies with the general zoning noise ordinance for a Certificate of Occupancy to be provided.

Hardwood Solutions first submitted the combined site plan to the City of Chelsea in March of this year. Plans were tabled and the applicant was asked to pursue a variance for parking, which was granted in June. The planning commission has been asking for more details on sound compliance from the applicant, which submitted a sound mitigation plan to the City of Chelsea that was reviewed by Soundscape Engineering.

In other action, the planning commission approved the Chelsea Retirement Communities final site plan amendment to add a 906.88-square-foot dining deck to the Kresge addition’s existing dining room. The dining deck would give residents outdoor seating and would be located on the north side of the building.

There is currently a vacancy on the Chelsea Planning Commission. To learn more, go to

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3 thoughts on “Hardwood Solutions granted site plan approval by Chelsea Planning Commission”

  1. Why did the Planning Commission approve the site plan before receiving the sound mitigation plans from the applicant? Are they allowing HS to proceed with the improvements without seeing their plans for noise compliance? Makes no sense.

    • I agree with Susan. If the plan was approved before the sound mitigation plan was known I would like to understand more about the reasoning behind the approval. The very loud sounds coming from this business is a big problem for anyone living in the vicinity.

  2. I agree with the other two comments. There are times, especially at night when my windows are open, and I live on Taylor Street.

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