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July 15: Lima Township special meeting regarding roadside herbicide spraying

Residents in several townships have voiced their opposition to the Washtenaw County Road Commission plan to begin its annual rural roadside herbicide spraying program in Webster, Dexter, Lyndon, Sylvan and Lima townships in August.

Lima Township has called a special meeting to discuss the issue.

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According to the original story, specifically trained, licensed and experienced professionals will selectively apply the herbicides to specific vegetation that could create a driving hazard along the roadside. This is part of WCRC’s four-pronged Roadside Vegetation Control Program.

Residents appealed to the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners earlier this week and the elected officials approved the following resolution.

WCBCC resolution-1

This program is designed to contain roadside vegetation that if left unchecked, could obstruct motorists’ vision, obstruct the traveled portion of the roadway, create drainage problems and/or cause snow/ice removal problems.

Lima Township Supervisor Craig Maier said that the approximate cost for the treatments is about $7,625 while mowing the vegetation costs about $9,100 per year.

In addition, he said, there is a limited availability of people and equipment to mow the vegetation throughout the county.

The herbicide operation is not a continuous broadcast spray. Herbicide spraying does not take place in subdivisions, near bodies of water, along mowed lawns or along officially designated county “Natural Beauty Roads”, according to Road Commission information.

Property owners, who would rather not have vegetation sprayed along the road right-of-way abutting their property, have the option to opt out. To opt out, property owners must complete the following before July 15, 2019:

  1. Return completed “No Treatment Zone” application form to WCRC
  2. Clear the road right-of-way abutting your property of weed growth and brush
  3. Once the area has been cleared, notify WCRC. Prior to the herbicide spraying, WCRC will mark the start and end of your property using stakes and direct its contractor to not spray the staked area

For more information about WCRC’s roadside vegetation control program visit:



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2 thoughts on “July 15: Lima Township special meeting regarding roadside herbicide spraying”

  1. I have to challenge the estimated cost of spraying. Commons sense tells me that paying a “specifically trained, licensed and experienced” technician to drive around and spray chemicals (which are not free, and create additional costs in handling and storage) has got to cost more than paying someone to drive around with a mower. An addition, there will be a huge administrative cost with many citizens “opting out”. For each property owner that opts out, someone from the WCRC has to go to the property, determine that it is sufficiently cleared, and then stake it as “no spray”. Seems to me that this is a way to get property owners to do the WCRC’s job, and it will still cost more in taxpayer dollars.

  2. The WCRC is having another public meeting at 1:00 on the 16th at the office on Zeeb rd. I agree with Lima township in their abstaining referendum. This spraying will affect natural growing wildflowers, and many broad leaf perrennials that grow naturally. It could also cause eroson of the higher banks which would ultimately expose tree roots. They say this chemical is “safe” until it is found otherwise. I can see future signs saying “Pure Michigan – Thats a laugh”.
    I visited our local road commission office and was told this can be avoided with proper funding. Lima township taxes are less than a hundred dollars annually for a $300,00 home. I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more to take better care of our roads and eliminate the need for chemical spraying. Lets keep the natural beauty of our country roads!

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