Chelsea State Bank ad

8 thoughts on “Just waiting for flowers”

  1. You take a city the size of Chelsea with traffic problems,add bump outs to the street, you just
    made it worse. Great engineering,thank you DDA

  2. These bump outs were put in by the same people who took off the step downs from the side walks up town,because they wanted more room. they are the worst idea ever.If you want to eat outside go to the park or even better go back to Ann arbor,us locals don’t want them. Stop trying to turn are beautiful town in to little Ann arbor.

  3. I am not sure about bump outs……but we need Public Restrooms. We have all these people to come to town and we need bathrooms!!

  4. Bump outs seem like a bad idea. Thought we were trying
    improve traffic flow – not make it worse!

  5. I am still trying to find out the “philosophy” or thinking behind these bumpouts, especially the ones south of the library near the police station. Anyone?

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