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Lane Animal Hospital offers free dental exam for National Pet Dental Health Month

Licensed Veterinary Technician Kristy Pinter examines Ryan’s teeth during a free dental exam that is offered during National Pet Dental Health Month at Lane Animal Hospital.

February is National Pet Dental Health Awareness Month and Lane Animal Hospital is celebrating with a free dental exam for your pet.

I took Ryan in yesterday and met with Kristy Pinter, LVT, who has been with Lane Animal Hospital since 2014. She gave Ryan a thorough exam and explained his “Dental Report Card” that rates teeth in stages.

Stage 1 is gingivitis where the gum at the top of the teeth is inflamed and swollen, and plaque covers the teeth.

Kristy Pinter, LVT checks the other side of Ryan’s mouth.

Stage 2, is where almost 13-year-old Ryan was diagnosed. The entire gum is inflamed and swollen. The pet’s mouth is painful and bad breath is noticeable. As I suspected, he needs a teeth cleaning.

Stage 3 is moderate periodontitis. Infection and calculus are destroying the gum, now bright red and bleeding. The pet’s mouth is sore, which can affect eating and behavior. Bad breath is consistent. Peridontitis has started and may be irreversible.

Stage 4 is advanced periodontitis. Chronic bacterial infection is destroying the gum, teeth and bone. Bacteria may be spreading the bloodstream throughout the body, which can damage the kidneys, liver and heart.

Did you know that lack of proper dental care can lead to heart, lung, liver and kidney disease in your canine and feline companions?

Just like humans, pets require routine dental care to keep their health in tip-top shape. Fresh breath is just an added bonus.

To ensure your pet is getting the most comprehensive care possible, Lane Animal Hospital is offering several dental health month incentives.

Ryan has his teeth examined by Kristy Pinter, LVT at Lane Animal Hospital.

To kick-start National Pet Dental Health Month, from now through the end of February, all pets are invited to receive a free dental exam with one of our highly trained, licensed veterinary technicians.

The technician will grade your pet’s dental health and offer customized suggestions to ensure your pet receives the dental care he needs.

In February, all pets that take advantage of this dental health month special by receiving their dental cleaning will receive $20 off of their dental procedure, plus a complementary dental starter kit to take home (includes a dental chew, tooth brush and tooth paste) and a free nail trim.

The Dental Report Card.

For the month of February only, all dental health products will be 15-percent off in the hospital and 10-percent off when you purchase from the animal hospital’s online pharmacy.

All pets that take advantage of the dental health promotion will also be entered into a drawing to win a free 1-year supply of Heartworm, Intestinal Parasites, Flea and Tick Prevention valued at up to $410.

Lane Animal Hospital wants to keep your pet’s pearly whites fresh and clean and free of dental disease.

Priority booking for our February specials is now open; call to schedule your free dental health assessment today.

Lane Animal Hospital is located at 701 North Main St. Telephone number is 475-8696.      

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