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2 thoughts on “Letter to Editor regarding new Lima Township Hall”

  1. First, I am NOT a Lima Township citizen. I live in Lyndon and was the township supervisor here for 12 years. It is disheartening to me from my previous township service to watch that township Boards can meet for years on end with maybe one or two residents or none at all attending regular MONTHLY meetings. In America we have representative government. Citizens should be sure they are knowledgeable when they cast their vote whether it is for President of the US or their township Board. In America we don’t vote for every issue. That’s what elected officials are hired by us to do.
    Lima Township is a seat of government. The people of Lima need their own building and their own repository for township records. I can guarantee that township elected officials work out of their offices a WHOLE LOT more than the hours they are “open.”
    Support your Township Board. It is a thankless job but it requires endless hours and selfless dedication. I have yet to see a dozen people running for township Board jobs ANYWHERE. Lima Township has dollars not spent previously because for years Lima Boards have been frugal and thrifty. It is their obligation to provide for the current seat of government as well as the future. I can assure you that the current Lima Board has spent years discussing how to go forward with the township hall and office problem. They were engaged in that discussion years ago when we in Lyndon were also faced with the same problem. But spending tax dollars is front and center at the local government level. The townships do not get road tax dollars and it sure isn’t included in the small mileage the township actually receives. It is NOT the township’s responsibility to fix the roads. That changed back in the 1930s.

  2. This new township hall proposal is strictly a vanity project. We are a small township and do not need a 2 millon dollar hall. As for storage of records, has anyone heard of digitizing them and renting a storage locker for the paper records. One of the other reason put foward is for voting access. Granted the old township hall is not in the best of shape mostly due to years of neglect by the township . There is a nice new church just down Jackson road I’m sure they would rent a space the couple times of year for voting.. Lots of parking and good common area. The township does nothing to keep residents informed and this hall is just another example. Granted it it my responsibility to keep up but I also pay taxes to and expect my representatives to keep me informed. Sent out a mailer once in a while. Also what happened to the house you bought nest to the old township hall and then tore down. Nice dirt field but how much was spent on this for what? I think we need a vote on this hall expenditure or a recall on board members.

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