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Letter to the Editor: Response to Mr. Sawicki’s Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
This is in response to Mr. Sawicki’s letter to the editor.

In his letter, I did not hear anything about what he thought he would like Chelsea to become, nor do I know how long he has lived in our community.

I have watched Chelsea make changes for over 30 years.

What has changed you asked?

Civility and the ability to speak with one another even if we have difference of opinions. In my opinion, you are promoting incivility by fear mongering with using a group that uses education to inform people not fear. No one forces someone to believe in their way. You as a person allow it or you can reject it. No one has power over anyone only ourselves.

In this country, we are allowed to belong to groups that interest us. Whether you are on the any boards, councils or commissions. We are free to speak up when something may be wrong.

Mr. Sawicki did you know Chelsea never acknowledged MLK DAY, which is a Federal holiday? It was One World One Family who decided to have activities for people who were interested to learn. No one was made to participate. This is education, not infiltration into the minds of Chelsea.

I was proud that our students decided to be part of society at a pivotal time in our history. If they made mistakes they are learning. None of us are sans mistakes. No one is attacking the police. There seems to have been an incident, which I was not a part of, but heard about.

In this country we are allowed to question the people in power. Any group who is in the public eye can and should be questioned if necessary. It is our duty as citizens. We are allowed to march, protest and disagree even with the President. We are fortunate we have the ability to do that without fear of being punished.

Your claims in your letter have no merit. I am willing to bet you never spoke with anyone with a differing opinion recently. My reason for saying this, which may not be true, is our country has been under attack from people who can’t listen, don’t want to listen or just believe they are right. Yes, it is happening here too.

Try talking to someone who is different in thought. It won’t hurt and you may find out you do have some things in common. We are all different in some ways and all the same at the same time.

Change anywhere is inevitable. Chelsea is not the same place it was 37 years ago. Some change is good. Using fear as a psychological ploy to get people to your side is not good or fair.

Debbie Osborne

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