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Letter to the Editor: Come out and vote in Lima Township

Dear Editor:
If you are not one of approximately 1,800 absentee voters in Lima Township, then you will be standing in line (winter coats advised) with as many as 1,500 others on Nov. 3 to vote in-person.

I am the clerk, along with my Election Inspectors, who will get you through the line and voting as quickly and smoothly as possible. As voters, you may assist the process by being kind, patient, and following the rules.

The two-sided ballot has almost 30 choices to make, but the good news is most of you have already done your research and know who you will be picking. I want to assist you on Election Day by suggesting using the Straight or Split-Ticket method to vote your ballot.

Straight Ticket is voting for the party of your choice and nothing further need be done in the partisan section.

Split Ticket is voting Straight Party Ticket of whichever major political party you choose and cherry-picking any other candidates or write-in candidates from another party (do not forget to fill in the squares).

That’s as easy as it gets, and it completes most of the front portion of the ballot, and you get to move on to the nonpartisan section of the Ticket much quicker and finish your voting much sooner.

Once you finish, this allows the next person to vote sooner, and hopefully, they will also use Straight or Split-Ticket to vote and move through quicker. None of this is new information, just restated so that if used, it will make election day better for everyone.

Lima Township has only one local important race to decide on with this ballot. That of the Township Trustees. There are not a lot of qualifications a person must have to run for a township board. A person must be a township elector or, in other words – qualified to vote, but property ownership is not required. An elector is defined as someone 18 years of age who is a U.S. citizen and has lived at least 30 days in the Township for which they will serve.

That being said, both of my adult kids are registered voters and have voted in most elections since they were 18 years old. Because they should. They were born and raised in Lima. My daughter drives a Chelsea School Bus, and my son works for the Milling Company, so their community roots run pretty deep.

All this sounds so much like Dale Luick’s story. Both my kids may even think they could be Trustees – just like Dale. But I still wouldn’t vote for either of them, like I won’t vote for Dale.

First – they were just lucky to be born and raised in Lima Township, and second I am already on the Board, and that is enough of one family. The Township is a five-member Board. If two are from the same, immediate family, is that a good representation for the approximately 4,000 people of the Township?

The voters of Lima are fortunate to have two excellent candidates running for the Trustees’ positions. Greg McKenzie (R) wants to resolve the Township’s facility deficiencies. David Hensel (I) brings his long-range planning and financial experience.

What does Dale Luick bring to the table? – Another family member. Thank goodness it is almost Thanksgiving.

Lima voters, come out on Election day and make your voice heard. Maybe Lima Township will be the highest percentage of voter turnout in Washtenaw County.

Elaine Bater
Lima Township

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12 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Come out and vote in Lima Township”

  1. What point are you trying to drive home by bringing up Dale, Elaine? The second half of this letter makes no sense at all other than passively pointing out that he’s related to Duane. Way to vote strictly off emotion like a typical uneducated voter. Good for you! I smell potential for corruption…not a good look to write a letter about a candidate when you’re handling ballots. I’ve never met you, but I’m less than impressed by this classless act.

    • I also have the same question for Elaine, what point is she trying to make with the second half of this letter? Her own personal opinion on the candidates should not have been included with the election announcement. According to Michigan Township association other townships in the state of Michigan have family members on the same township board, and it is absolutely legal. What does this have anything to do with where and when voters should vote!? Totally unprofessional, Elaine.

  2. Consider to source of this letter- Elaine Bater! She wants a nice, new, big office. And she wants to spend as much money as it takes to get it! Her agenda it about opposite of the new Supervisor Duane Luick. Duane wants to renovate the existing Townhall and stay out of debt! Dale Luick agrees on this issue. Dale wants what’s best for the Township. Anyone with kids knows that they won’t agree on every issue! Elaine really doesn’t know Dale Luick. Elaine is only interested in her own agenda! Too bad we don’t have a choice in This election for the Clerk position! Maybe in 4 years!

  3. Elaine,
    This sounds like two letters to me. 1. A public official’s helpful suggestions to voters who may get confused by the paper ballot; 2. A personal opinion and endorsement of two candidates over a third.
    I wish you had not mixed the two up. It leaves you less credible as the township clerk.

  4. I totally agree with the three previous commenters in the assessment of Elaine Bater and her letter. In addition, I have two observations. The September Board of Trustee meeting had to be redone because Ms. Bater, as clerk, violated the Michigan’s Open Meeting act. Today it was brought to my attention that in identifying herself as the Lima Township clerk, giving voters helpful suggestions, AND giving her opinions on the trustee candidates she may have made another violation…again.
    Also Ms. Bater had her letter posted today….the deadline Chelsea Update gave for political letters to the editor. I have seen Lima Township officials repeatedly wait until the deadline. They used this tactic during the seven year lawsuit they forced me into that went all the way to the Michigan Supreme. They wasted tens of thousands of taxpayers dollars all the while residents objecting.
    Ms. Bater’s letter appears to be a desperate, last ditch effort, to maintain the status quo…the exiting corruption. Duane and Dale are prepared to clean house….listen to the residents, be fiscally responsible not putting the township in debt, and bring a new and honorable era which is long overdue.
    So Ms. Bater, your actions, which is it???……..
    Dumb and Dumber or
    Dumb and Dirty

    • I noticed something. So there’s no confusion, I said I agreed with the previous three commenters. It is now four. At some point an afternoon comment was posted after the first morning comment. OOPS!!! Chelsea Update must be busy. We are all human. Just want to clarify. To really clarify, I agree with ALL of the 7 comments so far…mine included. Ms. Bater has erred BIG TIME
      Florence (Twinkie) Beach

  5. I’m curious what our Attorney General would have to say about this pathetic letter? Perhaps someone should notify her…

  6. 1. Suggesting or Instructing voters how to VOTE? Does this individual want to save time? Or, doesn’t she want voters to have the ample time needed to review their ballot and make their choices! Rush in, rush out, NO! A person who has the right to legally vote may read their entire ballot and make their choices as they deem fit!
    2. VOTER interference! Voicing ones private opinion is fine, as long as it’s separate from speaking as a Township official, which she clearly was! When you hold a position such as she does, then voice biased candidate opinion along with voter instruction is NOT ONLY WRONG, BUT ILLEGAL! Her POOR, BAD JUDGEMENT should be a RED FLAG! Perhaps her position needs to be challenged!
    3. This individual also supports spending money on a new township hall, (money our township doesn’t have), hence her unjust comments concerning Dale Luick because he opposes that expenditure!
    4. What does need immediate support and action during the uncertainty of covid19 is high speed internet / broadband! Our township is in a bubble of NO SERVICE! People residing East of Baker Road have it, Dexter and Chelsea have it. If you are a student or have school aged children, if you work from home, have video doctors appointments, entertainment, shopping… we are at a disadvantage. This clearly needs to be a TOP priority! Those who disagree thinking a new township hall is more important, I STRONGLY DISAGREE as do many other residents of Lima Township!
    5. I feel once Duane Luick is officially in office we will see a much needed new direction for our township! Our concerns won’t be set aside, action will be taken making sure community needs are met!

  7. Though I agree this letter is a bit odd, I don’t think complaining about it, or threatening to “Contact the Attorney General” (Yes I am directing that at you John Peterson) is the right response.

    Also if you are going to say something is “NOT ONLY WRONG, BUT ILLEGAL!” (@Catherine Luick) how about backing it up with actual law?

    Now don’t get me wrong I am not defending Elaine Bater, but how about we keep things civil and stop adding to the disfunction of society.

    • I can post whatever I’d like, Richard. I can also contact the Attorney General’s Office with whatever questions I have. I am SO glad we have someone like you to keep us all in check. Thank you for that. While it may not be illegal to write a letter such as Elaine’s, it is unethical.

  8. No dysfunction here. In short, being blatantly biased taints the integrity of said township official, based on MY interpretation of Prohibited Conduct Violation State of MI Bureau of Elections. Coupled with my opinion and views. It takes a lot for me to comment in the negative, it’s NOT something I enjoy. I appreciate your comment. A line was crossed, Election Day is just around the corner! Without comment to the contrary has a potential negative sway towards candidate Dale Luick.

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