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Letter to the Editor: From Lima Township supervisor candidate Duane Luick

Dear Editor:

Hi. My name is Duane Luick. I have lived in Lima Township my entire life and have been a Trustee on the Lima Township Board since 2016.

I am running for Supervisor in the August 4th primary election. I have deep emotion for our beautiful township of rolling farmland, creeks, woodlots and open land.  The Luick family history runs deep in this agricultural setting.  My great great great grandfather settled here in 1831 as a pioneer farm family, eventually having 11 children in Lima. My great grandfather was the Lima Clerk in 1893 and my father was Clerk in the 1960’s. Every generation has stayed here and worked the land. My son, uncle, cousin and myself are still involved in farming. We’ve been here a while and we are about the people! I guess it’s in my blood to look out for Lima Township!

That being said, I’d like this township to go in the right direction! We have been successful financially over the years due to frugal spending and wise decisions. 

The big issue right now, in my opinion, is the building of a new township hall. The current supervisor is all in on ramming this project through, but is he considering what the majority of taxpayers want in the township? Of course, a brand new building is shiny and nice; however how will we pay for it? With the plans he and his building committee have talked about, the project would be probably around 1.5 million dollars!! One of the main reasons to build a new hall was the need for larger space for elections. It was crowded at the old hall when everyone voted in person. Well, the new norm is absentee ballot; more and more are voting by NOT going physically in to vote.  The big reason for building has been negated by the changing times.

Craig Maier, our current supervisor has not been listening closely enough to the national financial situation or the local citizens, relating to our building hall plans.  The COVID 19 pandemic is the worst health problem since 1918 and not over by far. Just yesterday the governor cut down public meetings to 10 people or less. In these trying uncertain times the residents won’t be able to come to the open township board meetings to voice their public opinion! We cannot make such a huge decision about township money without having majority support of the Board and residents! The tax money we have is yours, you should have a say!

Unfortunately with big corporations filing bankruptcy and many small businesses not being able to open – resulting in a slowed economy, the township could lose revenues. But wait—we would still have to keep repaying our loan back no matter what. If we couldn’t make payments, what other choice but special assessment of resident property taxes. Sylvan Township had to do that when their water tower project needed money. Warning to Lima—DON’T BORROW MONEY for a new town hall when we can wait and see what outcome COVID 19’s effect will have on our economy and the need for a new hall. With only 1 big election every 4 years and a few small ones in between, it’s not right to be stressed with loan payments. Build what you need and can pay for! Don’t borrow a large sum of taxpayer money unless you put it to a resident vote.

Lyndon Township did a nice update on their hall and the supervisor was proud to tell me they waited until they had enough money, established a budget and stuck to it.  Lima should have that as our goal when someday we may need a new building. But it’s not a good decision in these uncertain times! 

I look forward to using our money to fix bridges and improve our roads. I’m in favor of widening Trinkle Road and maintaining all our bridges and roads to keep driving safe.  Since being on the board I have not missed any monthly meetings and I plan to keep that attendance record when I’m supervisor. I’ve also attended 4 Michigan Township Association seminars to improve skills. I will continue to attend seminars to enhance my Supervisor skills.

Theorectically, a township board can pass a motion to borrow money without a citizen vote. If you vote Duane Luick for Supervisor, Bob Spink and Dale Luick for Trustees, you will have elected a board that will listen to township residents and NOT put Lima in a huge debt that could end in disaster. 

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12 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: From Lima Township supervisor candidate Duane Luick”

  1. Absolutely support The views of Mr Luick. We don’t need a new township hall. The current board went ahead and bought a big piece of property on Lima Center road with no notification to general public. Big waste of money. Then they went on Mrs Beach’s property and cut down trees to widen road, also with no dialoge with voters or even Mrs Beach. They do what they want and could care less what people opinions are. The say come to meeting then they blow off any comment contrary to what they want to do. We need real representation of the people for Lima Township Therfore I supprt Mr Luick and Bob Spink for town ship supervisors!

    • Duane will be provide transparency and be a strong voice of reason! You have my support!

  2. The Heydlauff Family has lived and worked in Lima Township nearly as long as the Luick Family, and we have very similar views about its development. My grandparents and parents taught us to avoid debt and only buy what we can afford. Fiscal conservatism has always been a guiding core value, and it has served us well. Duane Luick was born one week before me. I have known him my entire life. He is a man of integrity and honor. He will listen to his constituents and follow their will, while making wise decisions about the management of this Township. I could not endorse anyone more highly for this position.

  3. The Beach family farm was established in Lima Township in 1853….right next door to the current Lima Township hall. It’s registered as a sesquicentennial farm. My father, General Dwight E. Beach, was born on this farm. He went to the one room school house…now a home…practically next door graduating 8th grade, graduating Chelsea High School in 1926, went 2 years to the U of M (thanks to a wealthy relative), until he received an appointment to West Point Military Academy. The first one in the Beach family to go to college! He was a career military officer retiring as a four general. (The Chelsea middle school is named for him.) THEN retiring back on the farm he loved so much where he died in the house he was born.
    He ALWAYS went to the monthly township meetings. In his last years when he wasn’t able, he sent me down there. He said I needn’t to see how government works. The first time I returned, quietly as I didn’t want to wake him, he growled….”Twinkie! Get back here and tell me what the hell going on!!! He encouraged me to attend after he was gone and now I know why!!!
    Since my father passed away in 2000, I have had to fight Lima Township to protect the Beach farm starting with the township taking me all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court. I won at every level. Two things I always remember from the General…
    1) “For God’s sake protect the land they aren’t making any more!”
    2)”It’s really interesting how some people are so free with others people’s property.”
    That being said….
    NEW BLOOD IS SORELY NEEDED ON THE LIMA TOWNSHIP BOARD. This is Craig Maier’s 2nd attempt for reelection. It took 3 trys to get rid of Unterbrink (he took me up to the Michigan Supreme Court). Enough voters finally got his number….ousted with 5% of the vote. Lima Township can’t afford to wait another 4 years!

  4. I have known Duane since 1998. He has been a great friend to me and my family.
    He stands for being fiscally responsible so the community and citizens can can be safe and successful.

  5. Dwayne is a very hard-working honest individual. He will not just listen to the people of Lima, he will take action and bring results. He’s already had the experience of being a trustee on the board. All the knowledge that he has gained will be carried on into his supervisor position. His passion and love for Lima twp is what sets him apart from any other candidate.
    I totally endorse Dwayne Luick for supervisor because I know he will listen to what his constituents have to say and convey that to the Township Board.

    Dale Luick is a very honest conscientious man. He will be a great trustee for Lima. I feel we need some new young blood on this board. Dale is 31 and he’s full of life and positive energy, he’s one of the hardest working people I know. He doesn’t stop until he gets the job done. With that being said, I know Dale will make the right decisions for the future of Lima and that’s exactly what this board needs.

  6. Duane,
    I so wish I had learned of your position sooner. With absentee ballots, those of us unable to vote in person have, like me, already mailed our votes in. Why wasn’t this in the Chelsea Update 3-4 weeks ago?!

  7. I’ve known the Luick family since moving to Sylvan township in the ’60’s. Duane and Dale Luick are exactly what Lima Township needs to bring serious fiscal responsibility to Lima Township. Also, the way the Lima board treated Twinkie Beach (before Duane was a trustee) was disgraceful! How many Lima tax dollars were wasted on that attempted land grab? Bring back common sense, integrity and governmental transparency. I highly recommend Duane and Dale Luick (along with Robert Spink) for Lima’s upcoming election, August 4.

  8. Duane and Dale Luick are exactly the individuals to be elected for superintendent and Trustee to support the families in Lima Township. They work hard everyday on the land they love and will always be concerned for Lima Township residents to make smart, financial decisions in the best interest of the entire community.

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