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Letter to the Editor: Good Governance Requires Listening to Those with Different Views

Dear Editor:

After reading City Council candidate Phil Sawicki’s recent Letter to the Editor, I felt compelled to respond.

The tone of Mr. Sawicki’s letter does not indicate to me that he has the ability to listen or comprehend the concerns that many of his potential constituents have.

Why have school board meetings across the country become battle grounds?

Why did people across the country take to the streets last year after the murder of George Floyd?

It seems so easy to accuse people that have different views as being radical with, “the objective to infiltrate all of our institutions.” But governing in any form is not easy, especially now. It requires the ability to listen and work with people that one may not fully agree with.

Mr. Sawicki putting the blame for incivility solely on people that support Black Lives Matter or One World One Family seems to further the division he claims he wants to end.

Mandy Higgins

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