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Letter to the Editor: Jim Drolett proven leader

(Publisher’s note: There is also a letter endorsing Pat Kelly, which posted today.)

I have known Jim Drolett for several years and have been impressed with his abilities as a previous Dexter Township Supervisor and as a fellow member on a variety of boards that serve the communities in this area.

One example of his ability to solve difficult problems arose when he was the chairman of the Chelsea Area Construction Agency (CACA). During the time that the economy was spiraling downward, Jim was the chairman of the Chelsea Area Construction Agency Board. This is an agency established to perform building inspections for six municipalities including Lyndon and Dexter Township. The economic slow down began to take its toll on the agency’s budget with expenses exceeding revenues. There was a concern that the agency would close. One thing that was certain was the member municipalities did not want to lose the building department.

Many grueling board meetings were held to discuss the difficult task of cuts in wages, benefits, and hours and yet still have the agency meet community needs. After many months of working with the board, Jim was able to get a consensus on cutting wages and benefits to keep the agency solvent until times turned around.

Today as a result of Jim’s leadership, and cooperation between the board members and employees, the agency is thriving and the employees are back working full time.

Jim is running for Dexter Township Supervisor.  I feel he is an honorable and concerned leader who will best serve the Dexter Township residents.  He can be depended on to make difficult decisions that will benefit Dexter Township and its surrounding communities.

John Francis

Lyndon Township Supervisor


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