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Letter to the editor: Lima township board candidate Greg McKenzie

Dear Editor and Lima Township voters and residents:

I am Greg McKenzie and running for Lima Township Trustee. As we unfortunately no longer have any local newspapers this letter may help introduce me to you. I have been involved with the Township for 35 years, initially serving many years on the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals and then as an elected Trustee for 12 years.

While I have not been on the Board for four years, I have continued to be involved as a Board appointed representative or alternate to several agency Boards the Township is part. I believe bringing this experience and knowledge as your Township Trustee will provide valuable perspective and insight to the Board.

There are several key issues that affect the Township and residents.  During my previous terms, the Township significantly increased funding for local road improvement projects in conjunction with WCRC. This was desperately needed as funding from other Agencies usually cover only primary road projects.  Continued funding to provide for annual road projects is necessary.

Another ongoing issue is the need to upgrade the Township physical facilities i.e. the Township Hall and offices.  This has been a need for many years in order to resolve barrier free access issues for restrooms, space for election workers and parking. Overall adequacy of parking, for our now two precincts, as well as current lease office space is at issue.

A citizen’s ad hoc committee has been investigating options for 10 plus years. Many varied points of views are represented on the committee and reports regularly made to the Board. Options to upgrade the current Township hall, possible additions or a new facility have been investigated for space and cost. The land purchased on North Lima Center Road a few years ago by the current Township Board was intended to provide for long-term Township needs. Any capital improvements I would support would be funded from our current capital improvement funds and budget with no increase in local tax.

There is a very significant need but any immediate major capital improvement decisions will need to be based on the status of State revenue sharing with townships until we return to “normal”.  Revenue sharing is a large part of the Township income.  All resident input and comment on this and other topics is always welcome.

The Township purchase of the North Lima Center/Jackson Road site maintains a CAFA fire station presence in the Township and close coverage for the eastern portion of Lima township. I believe maintaining support for this station is critical for the residents.

Other issues facing the Township are changing election dynamics and related staffing for the Clerk, master planning as an ongoing issue as well as allowing for possible future services as we look forward 20-30 years.

I have the time and desire to serve as your township representative and request your vote for me August 4.

Greg McKenzie
Lima Township Trustee Candidate

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1 thought on “Letter to the editor: Lima township board candidate Greg McKenzie”

  1. Greg has served the township with an open mind and thoughtfulness for many years. He does not have a personal agenda and truly wants what is best for the people who live here. His professional experience make him an excellent advocate for our township with the county, state and the many other organizations that work with us to support our way of life. Lima Township is a special place with a rich heritage and strong values. Greg will keep it that way.

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