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Letter to the Editor: Lima Township board OK’s funds for drawings of new township hall

Dear Editor:

Our Lima Township board meeting for September 2020 was held online, virtually, using Zoom, web access, and phone. All elected board members were online, as well as our board-appointed interim trustee.

Good news for the Trinkle road widening project – the board voted to accept the bid of C. D. Hughes Excavation Company to do the work, with the county road commission overseeing the entire project. The hill on Trinkle road east of the Chelsea High School driveway is to be widened and cut down to make it a safer passageway for traffic and pedestrians. This project should be completed by the end of the year. I support keeping Lima Township roads safe and in good repair.

The other big issue was to pay engineering and architectural firms approximately $18,000 to start producing drawings of a new town hall. According to the building committee, the estimated cost of building a new 5,000 square foot town hall could be $1.5 million. This committee was appointed by the supervisor, not elected by the board or voters.

I have served as trustee on the Lima Township board for 4 years, and have received feedback to not go ahead with building this expensive town hall, especially with the COVID pandemic upsetting our world.

Common sense would be to wait until the economy has recovered and all businesses have reopened. Many more people are voting via absentee ballot, resulting in fewer people at the township hall to vote. The COVID pandemic has resulted in a recession, lowering the amount of revenue received from the state.

Committing the $18,000 of TAXPAYER MONEY to the engineering and architectural firms in these uncertain times is a mistake. The people of Lima Township voted me in as supervisor in the primary, and my platform then is the same as now, so the voters are not in favor of this project at this time.

The voting to approve this expenditure was as follows: Duane Luick, trustee, Nanette Havens, treasurer voted no. Craig Maier, present supervisor, Elaine Bater, clerk, and temporary interim trustee David Hensel voted yes.

Please let your board members know how you stand on this decision. The board members that voted yes on this proposal were not listening to the wishes of the majority of Lima Township residents.

Duane Luick
Lima Township trustee, supervisor-elect

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10 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Lima Township board OK’s funds for drawings of new township hall”

  1. I have to agree with Duane Luick on this issue We need to relook at what is really needed. Things have changed yes the old hall is not the answer but 1.5 million is also not the answer. I am very disappointed in David’s vote I expected more of a wait and see until the new officers take office.

  2. My husband and I attended the Lima Township Board Zoom Mtg and heard every single resident comment regarding the new Town Hall. The message consensus was: DO NOT PROCEED with a new Township Hall at this (COVID) time. Do not go into debt. Something of this magnitude should be in the voters’ hands.
    Yet, in spite of the residents objections, the board chose to ignore public comment and proceed with the project. WHY????

  3. I am pleased that the Trinkle Road widening project is proceeding. A “NO BRAINIER.” A unanimous vote from the board. They did what is right. How refreshing!!!
    But it didn’t last. It was too much to hope for…..the township hall. Two board members…Duane Luick and Nanette Havens listened to the residents during the meeting and did the right thing and voted no to any more expenditures on this matter until after the election, now 48 days away. It’s not that long. The other three board members Craig Maier, Elaine Bater, and David usual…voted to go forward…as the majority…..immediately spending $18,000.00 to an architect for a new building. The majority has continually charged forward no matter what… not listening to residents. No respect for the residents…for whom they work.
    In the past, in monthly board meetings, I listened as they talked about reasons for wanting a new township hall. They will do “double talk” for the new hall. But very selfish reasons come shining through, not keeping in mind the cost to the township. They only work 3 hrs a day 3 days a week. And they want a palace!!! Shameful!!!
    Bottom Line: If you want a palace as a place of work, pay for it yourself. The township will thank you.

  4. I agree with Ms Florence Beach and incoming Supervisor Mr Duane Luick. Pausing the township hall project at present is the RIGHT decision, spending $18,000.00 during a pandemic is irresponsible! Proceeding with the Trinkle Road issues is a YES. However, Broadband takes a higher priority over a 1.5 Million Dollar township hall. High speed internet
    would benefit ALL residents the sooner the better! It’s SICK to justify 1.5 Million Dollars for 3 hours of work a day, 3 days a week! Out of touch individuals have ZERO concept of what covid19 is doing to families! K thru 12 school is virtual, higher education is virtual, doctors appointments are virtual, shopping with your children is a risk due to covid19—shopping is virtual, people are working from home due to covid19… we should think about what is NEEDED not wanted for a few township board members 3 hours a day, 3 days a week!

  5. Yes, I agree that the Trinkle road project was needed. In my opinion, it is irresponsible to waste/risk taxpayer money
    to proceed with the $18,000 expenditure for a new township hall.

  6. This Lima resident agrees with the newly elected supervisor. I have previously written to the township regarding the “lack of listening” to the majority of residents regarding a new hall. No reply. Seems like the township could have purchased the CACA building at reasonable cost, but that apparently wasn’t good enough, instead let’s spend more taxpayer dollars to fund ego’s. Vote em out!

  7. The citizens of Lima Township that attended Monday’s Zoom meeting were all opposed to moving forward with plans for a new hall. I disagree with going ahead with this $18,000.00 expenditure at this time and am disappointed with the results of Monday’s meeting. Duane summed it up very well in his letter. We should wait.

  8. I agree with the board’s decision to approve the Trinkle road improvement project. I disagree with moving forward with the $18000 architectural/fact finding expense at this time. I do not approve of wasting/risking taxpayer money for this purpose. It should be obvious that voters are more aligned with Duane Luick on this issue.

  9. Now is not the right time to proceed with a new town hall. When the pandemic is over, then we should revisit this issue. I am in favor of preserving the historical nature of the center of Lima Township while updating it.

  10. I agree that we not move forward with new township hall. It is not needed. Some of the reason I have been told is we need more storage for files. Try digital storage. and put paper files in a storage locker. They have blown thru so much money on unneeded expenditures like buying and tearing down house next to old hall …for What?

    Spending money on unnecessary land for new hall and drawings, also chopping trees on Mrs Beach’s land without even giving her the courtesy of telling her what they were doing. Also taking her to the supreme court on a land grab! They won’t listen to comments in meetings and seem to have a purpose in mind. Would this be to fill the pockets of contractors and architects pockets with township money? Jeez we can have nice picture of our new hall for $18,000.00 to hang on the old township wall.


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